Friday, December 30, 2005

Forging ahead with the new year

We are at the corner of the new year going from 2005 to 2006. Much has happened on the landscape of the earth since the beginning of the year from earthquakes and hurricanes. What happens on the inside of these storms is understood a little by the scientists and much of the activity happens at a very frantic pace.
What may appear as disorder within is part of the plan that the Creator has done. I do not fully understand the suffering that these storms bring and the long-term suffering which results. Yet it does allow some people to trust and lean on others for their help.
Nature demonstrates awesome strength and it requires citizens of earth to wrestle with the elements. May the struggle go on.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Landing in on OZ

Approaching the airport at night from the air can be very special. Especially when the sky is lit up from below from the city life. That is how life and creation began from the very beginning.
It was a time when I came from visiting my brother and family in Minnesota and we made a night time landing at LaGuardia. The lights from below illuminated the land and made it a magical place. I was going to be inhabiting the earth again from being distant a while back with my family.
Having spent time with family is special since not much time is spent together these days=our having lives that are separate and distant. Time has a way of not always making oneself present directly except through communications of letters, cards, calls, and emails.
It is always great to be around my niece, Abby, when we are able to get together as family. She is a very lively niece who has a broad smile and captivates a room when she is around. She has blond hair and is slender and athletically built. She jumps around excited and lively-eager to get anywhere she wants fast. When we went to a children's museum once, Abby got into the firefighters gear and slid down the pole and got into the firetruck to rescue the people trapped by the fire in the building. She enjoyed playing with the cash register in the toy store and ringing up customer purchases at the register.

Being present is special since laughs can be shared and cherished. I remember one Christmas when my niece, Abby, at 3 years old, received her first tea set and table and chairs. She positioned her toy bear at the table very carefully and poured him a cup of tea and spoke to Fuzzy Wuzzy saying, "Here is your cup of tea, Enjoy and drink it up." She ran excitedly around the table and even sat on the chair. Erica said, "careful, get down from the chair" Soon, many of her animals came from her chest to join Fuzzy Wuzzy at the table. Purple Hippo joined the Fray and she continued to pour the tea for the others. That was the excitement for that Christmas even before the other presents were to be opened. She has a great joy to run around and hear and listen to stories often. How she can join in the grand time of the season.
Reading stories is always a joy especially since she repeatedly said, "again" And even gets excited when buildings or creations topple, as she says "disaster, disaster" excitedly often.
She joins in at the making of the pies and paints even at the table. She has a great joy of nature having been with the Nature preschool program for 2 years. Exploring the crevices of nature as she climbs the rocks and hills of the museum, she shows a great spirit of enthusiasm.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Thanksgiving. The leaves have almost fallen to the ground. We have had a little longer to enjoy the season with the leaves still gracing the trees until almost the end of November. We have not had the carpet of leaves on the ground as in some autumns but have been blessed by a later than normal appearing autumn.
Seasons are a part of our lives. They are times to remember that the most important things in our lives are our families and friends and talents. When I think of family, I am most thankful for my cousin who was unharmed and escaped the twin tower in the city on 9-11. And to have had time to spend with his family on thanksgivings as a united and not divided family is most special.
Friends like Gary who shares my same last name and shows support and encouragement to what I do even when in mourning for someone who he lost this year.
And I am thankful for the gifts that God has given to me for expressing myself through language.
Thanks be to Him for all the wonderful gifts.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Back to Basics.

It is rather important in life to get back to the basics of understanding the place that scripture has in our lives. It can get very easy to be distracted from the narrow pathway that christians are called to be upon and to move into other areas outside of the boundaries that have been established by God.
Pathways along streams are a nice place to visit. To be able to hear the gentle gurgling of a brook and the casual chirping of birds flying overhead. To witness the scampering squirrels rustling through the wooded forest and to hear the wind as it moves through the trees.
This path is clearly designated through the boundaries placed on it by nature. It has been carved by many years of erosion and by the cooperation of man. It is placed within the actual forest but taking a central place of nature being domesticated.
Life within God's plan is much like that. We have the general tenets of what we are to believe as christians and the truth that it entails. We have a mandate to be imitators of Christ through the writings of St. Paul and the sermons that Jesus gave during his ministry. His sermons and messages were not prepared and drafted but were spoken from the heart. I am almost certain that Jesus would have spoken of the path along the stream and given similar comparisons.
He spoke often of paths when he gave the illustration of the four types of the soil and the seeds. He never favored the path as a place for the seed. It is good for the path to be walked upon but not for the growth of the seed. Yet the path is needed to guide fellow pilgrims through life and to give signposts of what is ahead.
In the letter to the Philipians, Paul states that to know Christ is to endure His sufferings and to attain a deep fellowship amongst each other. It is that taking up of the cross which is most difficult and yet can be unifying and rewarding as well. Enduring sufferings and taking up of the cross can be done through self-denial and the avoidance of deceit. To be able to realize that one does not receive what is offered through false expectations or deception allows the roots of christians to grow. Only if I have attained that but that is the goal that I am slowly learning in the pathways of life on the face of the earth.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Rising up

Have you ever wondered how the sun rises and begins its day. Lots of wonder exist in the universe and much of it gets taken for granted. This is how we define our days and weather is a major indicator of how we are to get dressed and function in society.
This morning I had the thought of being drenched head to toe in rain and in a mess. I had to make it into society today to get a much needed haircut and attend a writing workshop at the local library. Slicker in hand and an umbrella, I set off for my day to accomplish what needed to be done. A few raindrops chased me but nothing major to cause a feeling of being a wet rat.

On the bus the other day, George boarded with a stuffed briefcase and a Connecticut Post umbrella under his arm. He wore a tan hat and wore glasses and a tan overcoat. He must have been a lawyer since he had briefs with him and other material.
A lady sitting across from me ate her potato chips pausing a moment before chewing on each one. She dressed in a brown suit and wore a hat.
On the same ride, I found out that one of our former passengers-a british gentleman with a cane-died. He was a gentle soul who always had ideas of how to change and make society a better place. He always had a longing for his country of England and always spoke of the queen and her land. I will miss the musing of his about the state of our land and the longing he had to return there. He provided within me a challenge to find ways to make our city and country a much better place to live in. Only if I could have thanked him for that opportunity to do so.
A lady that I saw had just come from work and was sharing how John Glenn would be at the local Stop and Shop for the grand opening. She kept listening to her radio and gave a commentary of what was happening. Wishing I was there, I wanted to imagine it but I found later that it was in her imagination.
On the bus, the sun sets for each of us for that particular day. It is the end of the rythms for that particular day. It will resume in another 12 hours just as the sun has its cycles that run from one day to the next. Some days others are more rested but the sun keeps its vibrancy since it always has the opportunity for a long 12 hour rest.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Joy of the Lord is My Strength

Many characters in life appear strong!!!! Samson, Rambo, King David, Arnold Schwarzenger. Whether one has the hair, muscles, wit and strength that these people exhibit-true strength comes from relying on ones inner resources from God. Not always easy to do-especially when one has feelings of loneliness or isolation. But that is why it is great to have verses hidden within ourselves that allow for quiet meditation.
Joy is something common within the yuletide time of Christmas. A newborn is a cheerful addition to a family. For those first few months, members of the family make frequent visits and take careful note of the child is progressing. In our faith as babes in Christ, how frequently do we take note of how others are progressing as we do when around infants. Not that we will remain immature but that we grow into the full measure of His fullness.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Mercy Me

Walking down a narrow country road welcomed my friends into the Ives Concert Park in Danbury. It was for a long awaited Mercy Me concert that evening. The park is tucked above the road and is part of Southern Conn. state University. While there, I met my friend, Phyllis. I said ,"'Hello, Good to see you again" and gave her a hug. The park is surrounded by a forest of trees and as we approached its entrance, there was a ticket booth enclosed within a gazebo. No flashy neon lights-just a quiet approach.
Before the concert began, my friend Gary kept saying, "glad we're going to be early."' He ordered 2 cheeseburgers, a hot dog and a large soda and fries. Gary said, "How I am going to carry all this. Here take my soda and program."
We were surrounded by 4,000 others that were dancing and standing by their seats offering praises to God. The first singer, TammyTrent hopped up on one of the speakers to get a closer view of the audience. The stage was on a small island connected by a small covered bridge. Tammy shared her life with us and allowed us to sing and enjoy some uplifting music and how that can change and affect ones life. Her story contained tragedy of the loss of her husband but spoke of how her life remained full despite her loss.
As I looked out at the park lawn, I saw many of my friends gathered. I saw children sitting on their parent's shoulders and some kids twirling lit wands in the air. A festive atmosphere with energy. I heard the cicadas dancing to their music-humming in the darkness. Looking above, I saw the outline of a tree surrounded by the dimly lit sky and saw the light from several fireflies in the distance.
The second group was a latino band, Salvador from Texas. They had the audience get up from their feet and sang many tunes from the Latino tradition. The beat was lively and got me into the music. As the second group was ending, a little conflict ensued with Gary and his staff friend who realized his medication was not with him. I looked on in sadness knowing that they could not enjoy the remainder of the concert before us. Looking back, I only wished that I more clearly communicated that night and his need for his medicine. So, I said goodbye to them and had two empty seats next to me for the remainder of the night.
The last group was Mercy Me. There were five men on stage and behind them ,three lit squares had neon messages highlighted in white and blue . I remembered some of their old songs from their cd.remembered by me. They sang choruses that I was familiar with too. I joined in and felt part of their choir. One of the songs that they sang, I can only Imagine is one that I often dance to at work whenever I hear it. It makes me feel alive and am full of energy when I do that. It makes me look forward to a time of hope and a time for peace.
I missed my friend Gary not be able to hear that part of the concert but it gave me the time to reflect on our friendship and the funny things that Gary says and dreams about. If only those things could happen of allowing others who are handicapped and less fortunate to experience a great night like this and to be a part of a community also. So the song I can only Imagine flowed through my mind and I continued dancing.
Having time to look up into the nighttime sky and hear those cicadas and all of us in unison raising our voices sure is a community. of nature and man united in an ideal and surreal backdrop to the world we live in.

Monday, September 05, 2005

The Arts are coming alive

In my city, it is good to see an effort to give life again to the arts. It is a good step in a direction that will bring vitality to the creative spirit of the area. It is starting to happen and be a great asset to the city when it finally brings life to our city and other dormant cities in the country.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hope in our troubled times

Five days have passed since the unthinkable has happened in the southern part of our country. It would be great if our nation would pull together and lay down their racial lines and prejudices and see that at the core of our humanity is a brotherhood and sisterhood that needs to cooperate and work together. It is at this core that we will have more peace on earth. The extremes of the heat and lack of needed supplies can create a real tension but with a cooperative spirit, our world can go much further.
I am reminded in the passages of scripture of several accounts of Jesus being surrounded by a large crowd of people who are hungry. A little boy in the crowd brings to Jesus some fish and loaves of bread so that the crowd can have something to eat. It would be great to see the world come together and give whatever they can to relief organizations to ease the suffering that the world is facing right now. That would be a great miracle if that could happen.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A glimpse at our Celestial ball

From outer space, it is amazing to regard our civilization fitting on a round sphere rotating around at regularly timed intervals. There is a rythmic design to life with its predictability of morning and evening and the seasons. During the late summer and early autumn months, the unpredictability of tropical storms and hurricanes hit some parts of the earth in a ravaging fashion.
It is hard to fathom how this can happen to so many people. Katrina has a lot of power behind her that has been unleashed. A lot of destruction has passed by. Hardships will be faced with courage and strength that many in Asia had to face last December. But my hope and prayer with this piece is to offer hope to those who come along to it. Remember to look up into space and have awe at the beauty of this celestial ball that we live on ; even in the midst of the trajedy that surrounds it. It is the heroism and ingenuity that arises in these times that holds our world together.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Communication is more than just words. A piece from the HBO channel's, Real Sports , demonstrated that. Dick Hoyt and his mute son, Rich, competed in marathons and swims. He communicates via his heart and his emotions. Words and ideas held captive within his body, they emerge with heart-felt emotion. The same thing can be said of infants growing up. for the first few months, a wealth of seeds are being sown-allowing for in depth communication and insight. Sometimes with the handicap of a Rich Hoyt, a beautiful connection forms between father and son that words are not always necessary. As in the christian tradition, there is a phrase, "pray and use words only when necessary. Alot of language comes from the heart.
And for those who can not communicate like everyone else, it is a way that God's design is an emblem of glory in people's lives. Yet, it is rather painful to observe those who struggle to communicate as I have observed. But to get close to their heart, one can see a treasure is encased within.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Contrasts in life

As a child and adult, shadows have always fascinated me of how they can dance and be light in weight as one walks around. shadows always move ahead of me and lay flat on the ground and never cause conflict with one another. Not much to be friends within shadows-but they may be friends too.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Welcoming the Sands

Last night I took a walk on a local beach in town after a coffeehouse. It was dark out and only the moonlight and distant houses lit the way. Connecting back to nature comforts and reorients me to God. That night a 19 year old singer expressed that nature shows how God is present in our lives -no matter how tough life gets for us.
How good it is to have a stable arm to lean on when walking on the shifting sands especially when unable to see in front of you. Jesus is the cornerstone and foundation of life. It is good to have a visual reminder of a friend when undertaking an adventure with no known knowledge of what is ahead of you.
A while into the walk I saw a little unstable territory but a piece of trusted driftwood was by the shore. I was led to the log where I had some time to reflect and sense the world of nature around me. The waves crashed gently on the shore and I had at my side a stick that was pregnant with water. When I wedged it into the sands, the water dripped from the stick. It served as a link to the oceans from which life began. The cicadas sung in the background and the moon lit the ocean gently. Lights glistened from the distance, too.
I was reminded of Psalm 23 that reminds us that the Lord is our Shepherd. He guides us on walks through life. I am thankful for the surprising twists that come into life-it is truly an adventure.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Family vacation

School is out!!! What a wonderful feeling to have 10 weeks to spend on a secluded island off of Southport Island on the coast of Maine. With nothing to do but rest and eat and breathe the Maine air. As my mom says, "you get the munchies and sleepies in Maine."
Our family frequently got together for a week in the summer. On the first visit of my Uncle and Aunt and 2 cousins, we planned to meet them at Climo's General store. When my Aunt approached the store, she yelled, "Is this Climo's Store."
When we had a larger gathering, the dining room shelves were lined with the pottery bowls of potatoes, onions, and fresh farm stand tomatoes. They usually were finished off quickly.
My cousins, Bruce and Carol, often walked around Pratt's Island with me. We enjoyed exploring the North Beach which was just behind the woods of our rental cottage. As we walked through the wooded forests,listening to the crunch of broken sticks and the sound of the moist lichen moss squished beneath our feet. Above us, the light streamed through the trees which cast a shadow upon the forest floor. Occassionally, a squirrel scampered through the woods. There was a pungent smell to the decaying leaves that were in the forest. After walking through the woods, we approached the North Beach, a small secluded beach that had action from the waves. We watched the waves lap against the shore with a sound of a tennis ball hitting the racquet.
We often went fishing off of the Pratt's Island Bridge. This bridge was a rickety bridge with narrow wooden slats that had room for one car at a time. Definitely riding at a snails pace while holding your breath. We cast our lines into the water hoping to catch some fish but only to catch some little green crabs that summer. "Where are the big fish that we can eat? "exclaimed my cousin, Bruce. These crabs kept coming on the lines that were sent down.
On the southern side of Pratt's Island, Gus Pratt had a general store that is quintescental Maine. Gus wore overalls with a white apron. He wore small wire-rimmed glasses and had a broad smile. The room was dimly lit and on the counter, there were the glass jars selling the nickel candies and racks were filled with post cards of puffins and boats and islands for sale. Behind the green counter was where the root beer floats and hot dogs could be ordered. The floor was creeky and had a worn finish to it.
A duck pin bowling alley rested upon the wooden pilings above the harbor. When chatting with Gus, the talk mainly focused on the locals in Maine and a little politics of the area.
Our family enjoyed playing card and board games while sitting next to the fire in the cottage. And we had great fun listening to the subtle nuances of humor from my uncle.
My Dad and I enjoyed playing Gin Rummy and we would often have tournaments with my uncle and aunt and cousins.
One of the afternoons of that visit, we went out in our motorboat and we caught a couple of pails of mackeral in the Sheepscot Bay. We just kept catching them that day. Must have been caught in a school of them.
Having the wind at our back and the aroma of warm fresh salt air washing over us was a treat for all of us. Above us, the sea gulls flew overhead and waited for any fish that might be tossed overboard.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Remembering Hiroshima

Looking back on 60 years ago when the U.S. dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, it facilitated the peace process. Yet, most of that village of people living in it was torn apart and changed forever. The memorial standing there resembles the pictures of gazebos that Thomas Kinkade may paint. A memorial to show a permanent way to remember those lost on that day.
Today, children from the city floated boats with candles in them to represent the souls of those lost. It is hard to measure the cost of lives gone back then. The mystery of how to achieve peace is difficult when faced when with complex issues. Even when Jesus faced Jerusalem , He wept and stated if you only you knew the way that leads to peace.
Peace between people and nations takes time and it is important to remember sacrifices that are made from time to time for the greater good. May courage strengthen those who are currently on the front lines of battle whether on a warfront or in the marketplace.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Living by faith and not by sight

Reflecting on the heritage of the hymns of the Christian faith, I recall a woman who lived in the hometown of Brigeport, Fanny Crosby. She authored over 8,000 hymns of the story of faith.
Even though she was without her sense of sight for her entire life, that did not stop her from reaching out to others in her music to God. He was glorified by her words that inspired her of her undistracted communion with God.
I knew in my college years, a student, Timothy Dailey, who was blind and got along with his guide dog, Nona. He had a good voice and a love for chorale music. And he had a sweet temperament and disposition. Nothing could stop him for what he did. I had the opportunity to help him learn his lessons by reading the texts of his books ranging from Jonathan Edwards sermon, Sinners in the hands of an angry God to texts on sociology. He was one of the first students I met at a dinner picnic . Another blind man that I met was Dr. Coleman who I had for intro to philosophy for my first class. The lessons I learned from him were to keep on perservering moving with one foot in front of the other and to keep the guide stick in front of him and tap on things in front of him.
Not always easy to see what is in front of us. Whether it is a guide dog or stick, we have the holy spirit within us to guide us and move us forward in our lives. It is a nudge to our spirit and enables us to have courage to live our lives to the fullest!!!! Thank you, Lord, for providing two excellent examples of men who lived by faith and not by sight and for the hymnist, Fanny Crosby, who has blessed the world with your music.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A minor delay

Delays are not always pleasant in life. Missed my bus by 2 minutes this morning. At least I am not dealing with the major decisions that NASA faces with the launching of the shuttle Discovery. Delays are required in life to build one's patience for the what the future will bring.
I remember in my early years in school being delayed for 6 hours in getting to Washington DC on a field trip because of a broken down bus. Not fun being by a road stop service center. But I was young at that time and I only wish that I fathomed the mysteries of life more.
Remember to reflect on life in those delays even when it appears costly.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Fourth of July 2005

As our society has grown over the years, it would be interesting to be a caveman from the early part of society during the fourth of July. No fireworks existed at that time nor were picnics a popular part of the time or era. Hot dogs and potato chips were not invented at that time. But family was extremely important at that time. The family units helped unite the society at the time.
No living rooms existed back then replete with furniture, but almost certainly, there were cozy nooks and crannies in the caves. The men and women adorned the walls with their favorite shades of animal blood and dyes from plants. No distractions existed like today's distractions of the internet and television that so mesmerize so many, including myself, who are drawn to the constant bombardment of images-exploded exponentionally with the use of the remote control.
No, nothing is wrong with our society, but it is interesting to take a quick look back at the early ancestors!!!! And we have reason to celebrate it since our country has its 229th birthday-making it much older than mine that just occurred a few days back!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

A strong Brotherhood

A strong brotherhood exists among firemen in the world. On September 11th, the nation came together to support one another. A documentary, "Brothers on Holy Ground", illustrated that on that day, firemen did not go to work but to do what they loved to do. They acted selflessly as guardian angels to provide comfort as they walked alongside others in their fight of their lives so they would not be alone as they faced death. And they provided countless opportunities to guide those who were confused or needed reassurance in their getting to safety. I am thankful for those firefighters for them being in the stairwells of the towers in that my cousin Bruce made it out of the 51st floor because they were on hand.
It is hard to find that compassion on a daily basis in the workplace since accounting issues rarely have the life or death issues behind it. But I am challenged not just to go to work to do my job but just to "have to go to be me and affect those around me." Self sacrifice was evident that day. A fraternity of brothers existed that extend to families to this day in how the loving touch impacts us all. so thanks to the 343 that gave their lives on the holy ground of Ground Zero.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Victory Chimes

Windjammers on the coast of Maine are a familiar sight during the summer. My parents and I watched the parade of windjammers from McCown Point in Boothbay Harbor one summer day with my Aunt Marion. She is very slender with a head full of silvery hair and deep furrows in her brow and wiry sunglasses on her head.
When we watched the parade of tall masted sailing boats, we ate a picnic lunch on the lawn. There were green picnic tables that lined the lawn. We ordered our hotdogs, onion rings, fries and slaw and iced tea from the Dusty Red Hot Dog stand. While my Aunt Marion was about to eat her hot dog, a pesky sea gull swooped down and grabbed her dog from the bun and took off with it. "Oh my, that gull got my hot dog" she said in disdain.
'those folks from boothbay Hrbor, you know. "
During this festival, many sailors got ready to board their boats to watch the festival from the sea. This is a version of a street parade in most towns-only this one is from the water. The port was teeming with the movement of sailors getting their boats ready for the day's sail.
When we watched from McCown point, we saw the ships from a distance going by with the sails fully-furled and passing by.
Several years later, my parents and I were on our motor boat, the Rascal W. and we saw the Victory Chimes from the water. We looked up and were awed at her majesty. We watched the crew unfurl the sails and get her ready to head out to sea for her next portion of her journey. The Victory Chimes rested upon the waters of the Harbor and the waves from the movement of the boats could be heard gently jostling against the boat.
Approximately, 10 years later, My Dad and Brother Randy and I took a four day cruise aboard the Victory Chimes in Penobscot Bay in Maine. Boarding an historic boat that I saw from several vantage points was exciting. On the boat, the floors were lined with small slats and the walls were lined with historic posters detailing the various ports which were visited and other maritime trivia.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Taking ones stand

Fifty years ago this December 5th, a young black woman, Rosa Parks changed the history of this nation. She refused to cowtow to the establishment of discrimination. Going against the stream in society's cultures and customs is not easy. It creates friction and dissent. But a great revolution started for the negro society that day when Rosa listened to her God given conscience to not give in and to fight for the right of equality.
What helped her in the mass movement that began as the Montgomery bus boycott was the strength of her supporters such as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. This young preacher was at the centerr of the civil rights movement advocating peace and non-violence. The cooperation of the community gathered around Rosa and her dream. Just as Rev. King had the same dream that he gave at the steps of the Washington Monument, he helped fuel and encourage a movement that brought about change -living a faith in action.
Imagine 2000 years ago today when the man from Nazarteth, Jesus, spoke similar words. He gave his Sermon on the Mount as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew 5:9 : Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God. In matthew 5: 12, Jesus states Rejoice for your reward is great, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
So matter where you are in life, remember to stand up or sit down in unconventional territory, one can indeed change the world whether one is on the bus or on a Mount.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Launching ones dream

I watched the movie, October Sky, the one about the dreams of Homer and his friends who had a love for rocketry. Many in his family persuaded him to go into his father's profession in the coal mines, but he followed the dream that was driven by his gift of science and invention.
Breaking out of the mold of expectations brought our society closer to putting man into space.
Sure, risks were involved in the ridicule of others, but the end result was that his family was brought closer together so that ones precious dream could be realized. So when you look into the sky and see a trail of jet exhaust, remember the dreams held by four friends that came true.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Life is Driftwood

The water rushes over the fallen log. Whoosh. Whoosh.
Constant ebbing and flowing of water. Life is a lot like that log that has fallen into the sea and is tossed and turned. In that process, it is polished and shaped to become very beautiful tables and sculptures.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Participating in the Divine

In life, there are many interactions that take place between people. The friendship and bonds that we form connect us to one another and to God.
Some friendships still have meaning even when they are separated half way across the country when shared by common memories and thoughts.
Memories are the glue that hold together our thoughts and attitudes and intentions through life.
It is always great to hear of how someone's dream of a house has become a reality and to realize that prayers are part of that foundation and mortar. As a bricklayer builds a wall, he takes the bricks and lays them atop one another. It is a sculpting process as is life. We take the elementary concepts from childhood and build those concepts into a blueprint of how to live life.
It can be hard when starting to build anything anew. That is the challenge of life. Where to begin is like trying to find where the beginning of a stream is. It can be heard from a distance and as one gets nearer to it, the water rushes over the rocks and moss. Hard to pinpoint the exact point of origin, but that is not the most important thing. It is the connectedness of the rocks, water and moss that makes this a thriving community just as with the interconnected faith community.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

No Man is an Island

During our church service, the theme was on Heaven helping the homes. Our domestic landscape can use some help these days as the news is filled with stories of how family members are failing to get along as well as they could.
There has been a lot of emotional isolationism that exists where people are afraid to express their true feelings and emotions. At times, it can be easy to be a clam with his shell drawn tight being fearful to let it open. But opening the shell allows one an opportunity to share in the nutrients of the ocean just as man needs to open up to share in the healings of emotional contact. At times, it can be hard to take the risks that are needed for this to happen, but life can be that much more rewarding in the end.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Lessons learned

Today, God showed me a couple of things that I needed to learn. First, I need to give thanks to God more than I do. One of the bands in a local coffeeehouse kept singing the refrain, Thank you Lord. I forget to do that sometimes in all of the blessings that I am given daily in this life.
I tend to be preoccupied as to who I should be friends to. This reminded me of the conversation Jesus had with His disciples who wanted to be first. I must treat my friendships with humility thinking of them with high respect and not want to be first but to be a servant to them. Tough to actually do since I don't always look with His eyes or walk and work in the spirit. That is why Jesus had his disciples work in pairs when He showed them how to share the Good News. Help me Lord to be that kind of person to the world.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Nothing like teamwork

On the HBO network, I saw a documentary on Educating Peter. Peter was a third grader who had down syndrome who was integrated into the public school system.
At the start of his schooling, he was awkward in not fititng in. It was very similar to how I was at the start of my public education having come from the private school for the handicapped in New York. I became like an island where the differences became magnified to my peers in the lcassroom. I could identify with that third grader in the documentary . Yet, I turned out to be a survivor of the system.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Being awake to our spirit within

For the past three months in my church men's group, we looked at two books, Wild at Heart and Understanding the Mind of a Woman. We finalized our thoughts from these books and came to an understanding of some questions on how to live a more fulfillling life.
John Eldridge in Wild at Heart asks some key questions. One of them is: Are we living our lives as an adventure. In life's path, it can sometimes seem to be rather ordinary in how we live with our routines and daily chores. But it can be at times when we step out of our normal day that we will have an impact upon the world.
Rainbows and Northern lights don't always appear before our eyes. Adn we only get a special glimpse of them. Even though they happen randomly and some may never experience them fully, they do occur for special reasons. And these sights of nature can be of comfort and encouragement for those who go thorugh daily struggles. I am reminded of a local teen in Milford , John Tartaglia, who has to fight the daily battle of life. Here is a man who lived a normal life until an infection took over his body. Even thought it consumed his legs, it didn't consume his heart. It is a reminder that even those who have hardships can rise above them. And to have an impact on the friends that I work with in Milford and in lives around the world as a result of a sturdy determination to never give up.
In our musings of life, this battle surrounds all of us. Whether one is in traffic or in a line at a store or movie. The army that we have to fight this battle is both within us and from the friends and support networks that we have outside of us.

Friday, May 13, 2005

A civics trip remembered

In 1978, my 8th grade class traveled to the nation's capitol for the school trip. In the morning of a fall day, I was in the library at the fairfield Woods Junior High . Mr Mitola, my social studies teacher came into the library to choose from a hat the 45 students that were to go on the trip. I awaited with great anticipation. Mr. Mitola read the names one by one: James, Mary, Joe, Ralph, Jim, Peter, Sean, Scott........
That embarked for me a journey of preparation for me. How could I be ready for such a big endeavor. The school administration and teachers had their doubts. But I knew that I was going to be able to make this trip happen. As I promised myself and others, I walked most afternoons in the neighborhood walking by the nature preserve in town. As I got near it, I listened to the rushing of the waters and the chirping of the birds. The loops that I developed as I walked became great therapy for me as I knew I was reaching my goal that I really wanted to accomplish. This was my first big school field trip that I was about to take.
Mr. Mitola encouraged me a lot when I took the trip. He really did. He was a man with a big heart and smile=helping others to laugh and learn.
Being a little different from the other students, he always stood up for me and had a quiet understanding of my struggles as a student adapting to the world of public education.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Singing with the Angels

This past week our church lost someone special to us. She served God in many capacities. Yet, in her current struggles with cancer, she did not lose heart. Life is a temporary journey that we are on.
Yet as one of my friends from church stated to me, she is probably singing with the angels in heaven. That is a forever chorus of praise.
As part of the reward one gets from serving God faithfully through life is a mansion that God has prepared for those in advance. It is ready when one's time on earth has ended.
Sing on Sandy!!!Welcome to the choir.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Winds of Change

The Winds are blowing across our country with many moral dilemmas on the landscape of the church. It is hard to fully know the mind of Christ even as His follower since the teachings of Christ cover a portion of His life. We do have the insights from the Old Testament which explain the nature of God-being more of a judgmental being and the New Testament version of Jesus as God as more forgiving and loving. I only wish that I could have been there at Creation.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Living Letters

I have been told that we are living letters that are read by others. Inso doing, we have to be careful in how we live our lives because we will be read.
Most days the mail that I receive is of no major importance except to toss it out-usual credit card offerings and the like. Our lives can not be slit open like envelopes can in an instant. It can take much time and thought to present ourselves correctly to others to be read. I can be distant at times which makes it harder for others to get an accurate read on myself.
It can be an exciting time to receive good news of someone's baby that was born or of someone's good fortune in his or her life. That is why our testimony -both spoken and silent-are so important.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Approaching a cemetery by bus.

In the twilight of the day, I looked up and saw passing before me an old cemetery with the trees surrounding the tombstones and angels adorning the grave markers. A quiet place to go by that I never saw in that light before.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Lasting Impact

Over the past week, the world has paid much attention to the life of Pope John Paul II's life and his impact on the world. He was a man who lived his calling to serve others. He also was sensitized the suffering of others from his experiences during the era of World War II. From that experience, he could identify with the poor just as Mother Theresa did in Calcutta.
From the era of the 1st century when Jesus was born into the world, he had an impact that is felt today. His words echo through our generations to today when we hear of His miracles and teachings during our weekly church services.
The sound of a rushing waterfall going over the rocks as it cascades into the resting pond below is a very refreshing sound. As I have visited nature centers in the past, it is always good to hear that sound. This is a constant cycle that renews itself back to its source. Water is a symbol for life in literature and the christian faith. It is a symbol for many believers in becoming a part of a church family.
Just as water is refreshing-so is rest. When Jesus finished one of his teachings, he went to the mount of olives and rested within the mount. This gives a picture of rest and abandonment to God. This must have been refreshing to Him since he was very busy ministering to the needs of those around Him.
During the next month at our church, we are being challenged to reach out to others and minister to them. It is easy to expect a pastor to do the work of God, but it can be very limiting to its effect. Just as in the corporate world, many employees do the work. And this gets the task done much more effectively. It is easy to sit back and relax at times. Sometimes it is necessary even with the example of Jesus resting. But then to get back up and continue in service can be very rewarding.
The work that Christ did while He was on our earth was through the teachings and performing of miracles. The miracles were temporary and demonstrated His power and authority over nature. But Jesus says that we can do even greater things than He ever did in that we build connections with each other and relationships can have a long lasting impact long after we die. Just as we witnessed in the past week of an impact even a 1 minute encounter can come with a visit from the Pope.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

A breath of fresh air.

A breath of fresh air is slowly emerging from the city of Bridgeport. The earth is slowly being moved and rays of opportunity are beginning to emerge. For many years, the Bridgeport earth has remained fallow and barren. But seeds of opportunity are beginning to sprout.
Bridgeport is an old industrial city. I began as a full-time resident fo the city in 1986 when our family moved there from our spacious colonial in Fairfield. I visited the city in prior years for occassional visits to doctors and Scientific Shoe Fitters on Broad Street. And I worked several summers as an employee of People's Bank.
On one of the first trips to the city was when I worked at Connecticut Bank and Trust in Fairfield. It was a late afternoon summer day when there was a raging rainstorm that had hurricane strength winds. Too intimidated to approach the apartment at the age of 21, I called my dad to get me safely home. Change whirled at that time with the new surroundings of home and the eventual settling into a new home.
My side of the city is within a suburban context. The streets have trees and shrubs that line North Avenue. Old colonial homes line the street and a Christian Science church sits on the corner of Clinton and North Avenue. That would be the route that I walked many mornings and evenings from my bus stop. This area has also been home for the Barnum Street Parade.
For the first year of my employment after Fairfield University, I worked at the BankMart in downtown Bridgeport on Main Street. I met Willard Sillers who was a vibrant Black businessman who had a warm smile and enthusiasm for what he did. Here was an opportunity to grow and become accustomed to full-time work within the city. Many an afternoon lunch hour was spent at the next door Wendy's restaurant. I loved their cups of Chili and Frostys.
And on the other side of the bank was the NewsCorner which had many news publications from the area with the Morning Telegram and the Evening Post being sold there. Rows of magazines lined the store and books filled the aisles too.
Around the corner the Hi-Ho mall was there with a fountain in the center of the mall with an elevator that went to the second level. It was a peaceful place with businesses such as a bookshop and several good restaurants to eat at and department stores also. Fromt that first year of work, there were plenty of opportunities to find work to do and ways to spend an afternoon lunch hour.
Currently, the city has added attractions such as the arena at Harbor Yard and the Ballpark at Harbor yard where I have seen our Bluefish play baseball and several concerts. As these seeds have formed, the city has added many special faces with smiles. I can see the enthusiasm an usher at the Arena has when he shares with other bus riders the various concerts that are being worked at and booked. The ushers are dressed in their vests with the Arena logo on them.
Seeds of change are happening. It is important to remember that as these seeds are forming, they must die in the ground and begin to emerge as life. This is now happening through the Loft apartments and several new restaurants and stores emerging throughout the city.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Happy Palm Sunday

Today marks the start of the Holy Week season when Jesus came through the streets of Jerusalem on the back of the donkey. It awaited him to use , a donkey reserved just for his use. The streets were crowded back then as the Jews lined the streets acclaiming Hosanna on the Highest. It was a pep rally atmosphere- almost like that of a sports team having won the national championship. Yet, these people spoke and cried out of the emotion of the moment. Only 6 days later, Jesus walked through those same streets with words in his memory of "Crucify Him."
This does not mark the best week in the life of Jesus in that it must have been very painful and horrific. But when Jesus arose from the tomb on Easter Morning, throngs were not around then. There were only a few faithful. Then the movement of Christianity would begin to flourish as the early believers lived in close proximity to one another and shared all that they had. And at pentecost, The Holy Spirit began to live within the believers and His kingdom began to take shape.
Just remember, even in the times of today, sharp contrasts in our lives exist. One moment people can be celebrating a joyous time and then another season can come of woe and then even another can come of triumph and joy =all in the same week. May these words bless the reader.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

The land of the falling snow

Upon waking today, the snow glistened on the trees. It was a freshly fallen snow that makes several mornings of the winter a magical time for me. The snow gently covered the branches and had a serene quality to it. It was mostly fluff and had a very mushy texture to it. The warmth in the air had some of the snow falling from the trees and the water melted and ran alongside the ground.
This makes up for some of the very cold winter mornings that I spent waiting alongside the side of the cemetery for the bus. It is good to know that the end of the winter is near and we will be approaching the time of spring and summer when the days will be filled mostly with warmth. Then the beauty of that time will be the warmth of the air and birds singing and the honeysuckle and roses and forsythia blooming along the streets.
I remember growing up in Fairfield on Margemere during that kind of spring where the lush reds and pinks of the forsythias and the pinks and whites of the dogwoods lined our little dead end street. It was a very special place to be at that time of year.
It would be great to avoid the harshness of the winter season, but there is the balance of the seasons which God created so that anyone can have a vote on their favorite season and be happy about it. He alone created the times of the year. And He is the author of our lives who gives us seasons to live also.
May these words bless the reader.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Cow jumped over the moon

One summer evening in Maine, I looked forward to a BIG event. It was the eclipse of the moon by the sun. It was late at night when my parents went to bed and I thought I could spy on the activities of the solar system. I sat patiently looking out the tall picture window that led to the porch and meditated on the wonders of nature. I was expecting a huge bang or a big notice of the arrival of this eclipse. The moon slowly was being covered up in shadows and became darker by the minute. Finally the moon was completely covered by the sun.
I waited for a couple of hours -pacing quietly waiting for the moon to be uncovered. Nothing dramatic -just darkness. I went to bed later for a few hours of sleep-a little disappointed but having been given the chance to observe nature in action.
In the christian walk, the sun represents God and the moon represents sin. In God's way, He is very quiet in His cleansing of ourselves. There is no dramatic positioning of Himself in the midst of our lives. He came across as a gentle breeze to Elijah .
But God does come to us and eclipses our own lives to present us as holy to Himself. Not something that comes very easily, but it is something that is essential to the nature of discipleship.
In the end , I hope that when I look back on life, I will be grateful for those times of eclipse for I will know that God stayed up late long after I was asleep to make me more like Him.

Having a grateful heart

It is important for us to be thankful for the little things in life. We need to count our blessings for all that we have been given in this life. This morning I attended a men's breakfast at one of the local churches. The topic for this morning was encouragement, something very special to me.
When I was created by God, He placed within the gift of encouragement that I like to share with others. It is something that is found throughout scripture and needs to be appreciated more. Whether it is curled up for a nap by the warmth of the sun or having your name called at the gym for the arrival of my friend who kindly picked me up after making sure one of his friends made it home. God is that same way in life-putting people and circumstances in our lives to make sure that we make it safely home.
The other day on tv, a team of scientists worked together to help the whooping crane fly from Wisconsin to Florida for their annual migration in an effort to save their dwindling numbers. The pilot in a gliding plane guides the birds by following ahead and acting as the mother. This imprints it upon the cranes so that they take their journey themselves with their future generations.
This is the same way with our God in that He guides us in His invite to us to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. It is the role of the church and its believers to help guide others onto that journey also known as discipleship. It takes time and takes a team, but the rewards are great in that it creates a self-sustaining church that reaches out better to others.
May these words bless the reader! Peace.

Monday, February 21, 2005

throwing snowballs

It snowed today!!! It always looks nice when it snows outside. A little like magic. I even made a few snowballs and tossed them in the air-not at anyone but just to toss. I used to do that as a child and was fun to relive that little bit of pleasure while waiting for the city bus.
It is actually hard to go back and relive the times of the past -not wanting to look silly and not fully understanding how to be a kid again. But a few snowballs might help with that process to unlock that secret of being a kid again!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

God's patience

I was reminded of a comment that I mentioned to a friend back during the easter season of 2004. I waited with a friend while she had her car looked at and had to have a new light put in her headlight. It seemed like forever being in a parking lot with lots of car repair activity going on. Then I reminded her that Jesus was very patient when He hung on the cross on Good Friday.

My sufferings as a result of being different are much minor in comparison to the love from Calvary. Yesterday at the mall, I was mocked for looking a little different from others in the way I appear and walk. I am more patient with the mockers than when I was a teen growing up. It is the experience that comes from age. Just as when Jesus ministered to the folks back then, He developed a thick skin. Not an easy thing to do, but it is essential to us growing up as handicapped men and women in society.

Jeremiah the prophet uses the analogy of humans as being clay pots that are being molded and shaped by life's pressures. It is not easy being spun by God as He molds me into the person that He wants me to be. I am not always cooperative in that process. It takes time.

Just as in dying to ourselves and our own ultimate goals, there is no immediate result. Yet through this process, Christ will arise. In the gospel accounts, Jesus states that one must deny himself, take up his cross and follow me! If one recognizes that the cross is a symbol of death, the years in this life may seem like hell to those imprisoned in wheelchairs or crutches, but by following God's will, we will become more like Christ in the end.
May these words bless the reader in life.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Super Duper Weenie

I opened the heavy white door of the Super Duper Weenie. Into a place out of the 60's. Almost like that of a diner or Norman Rockwell Scene.
I was so excited about this day being able to visit and become a regular at this place.
I was greeted by John with "Hello, Scooter, Glad to see you."
In front of me, 9 red bar stools rested on their silver bases. The red counter had plastic ketchup and mustard bottles along with salt and pepper shakers. Red lights hung from the ceiling on silver cords.
Behind the counter, lots of activity took place. The burgers and hotdogs were heard sizzling on the grill. It was time to make a decision as to what I should order as I glanced at the board for the selection of daily offerings. The board was white and had the choices written in magic marker. I made my selection: the Fairfield Philly Cheese Steak with onions!! And took my number.
I filled my plastic cup with the ice from ice bucket and the iced tea from the container marked sweetened. I made many a trip from my stool throughout the stay.
Beneath the stool, the flolor had white and black tiles in wide squares. A stablilizing and calming environment against the red and white counter and lights.
Gary Zemola, the owner, has a love for motorcycles and he always had some story to tell of his bike and his adventures. He wore a red and white bandana on his head and wore a t-shirt with a superhero figure wearing a cape with the words "super duper weenie"
I had many opportunities to listen to families and friends tell stories about their days and of the developments happening around town.
My sandwich was finally ready with it being wrapped up in the plastic and served gladly.
I dove into my sandwich and it flowed with swiss cheese and onions from the freshly sliced bun. Tasted terrific. As I ate, I used many napkins from the red dispenser with a clear shield.
I looked around the room and saw pictures of american culture-of diners and posters of the history of the hot dog and shows of broadway.
I enjoyed every minute of my respite here and regretted having to go back to work. I had to say goodbye and thanks to my friends who served me so well. They said, "Goodbye, Scooter. Have a good day. "
I walked back down the Bullard Hill and to the world of ringing phones, customers, and deadlines and a screaming Bob. My co-workers, Bob and Charlotte, knew I had onions. So, in a way, Super Duper Weenie invaded Schrier that day and I also invaded their world-a world flooded with good memories. I was always careful the next time to go back and order it "well cooked with onions" the next time.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Rah Rah at the political round table

Today is the famed time of the year with the state of the union. A big rally for the government for the hard work that was done and is to be done. And it is a time for the politicians to clap their hands and cheer with their hearts as an united chamber.
Imagine if the government could have those rallying cries during their work days with confetti flying all over the place so that our society could become the beneficiaries of the change that is required.
The goal for many in the chamber is to have a chance to have a personal moment with the president with a glance and handshake. In the arena of faith, we may not get the applause or the moment of a handshake in front of a world-audience.. But we have the eyes of God upon us and the cloud of witnesses cheering us on in the work that we do. Let us not forget that. May the reader be blessed with the reading of this.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

WE are the church

Today in church, our pastor challenged us that we are the church. We need to make changes by seeking out people with problems and inviting them in. This will help others to experience God's love by giving them an internal make-over. On television, there is the hit show, Extreme Makeover-Home Edition that has a team of designers over a week rebuild someone's home to meet a specific need in their lives. The church in a way has the same function, yet, it takes a lifetime to have that process take hold.
The disciple's makeover is not instant, and it can not be done in a week. It requires a lot of work. For it to work, a team needs to be put in place. We are cracked pots that can only be of use if they are strengthened by God. But we must not allow to cracks to be patched since God's love can be shined through us. This I learned from today's sermon at my church. May God bless the reader of this.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Ups and downs

Any journey has its ups and downs. I would like to think of life as being constant with nothing ever going wrong. But it does have those moments.
The wrong times happen when I do not let my instincts work right and refuse to yield to God to get on the right path. I like to follow dead ends and just end up getting lost and unfulfilled. But God is there to nudge me in the right direction. Just need to re-learn self control!!!!
Job whom I will be reading about shortly sure had some major struggles thrown his way in how he lived his life. Makes my problems puny in comparison.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Hard to imagine

Christmas was peaceful in Portland, Maine and elsewhere in the world. Then on the day after, as in the movie of that name, lives as known were changed forever.
Like egg beaters, people's homes and lives were changed and churned in an instant. Striking with violent force, it seems unfair. Nature can not always be controlled. But human hearts of relief workers do make a difference -demonstrating the power of humanity's compassion toward each other.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Preparing for a trip

Many people in life take much time in preparing to move to new and bigger apartments and homes. Lists are made and vans are lined up and change of address labels are done.
This morning I meditated on how important it is to prepare for the final move after one's death. Heaven is a place that I am looking forward to, yet I do not spend as much time as I should in reflecting how great a place that it will be. In scripture, it states that no eye nor mind can comprehend how much God's love is for us in that He has gone ahead and prepared a place for us. I understand how great it is to have a place prepared since when I graduated from college, my parents had my apartment all set for me to move into and had built around me a neighborhood where I never have felt alone. That is what the angels and those who have influenced us have done in preparing our place in the heavenly realms. What a journey that will be when this life has been fully lived. May you be filled with peace and strength.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

a need to be more accountable

I realize the need to be more accountable to others. If I invite others into my life, then I will be able to make needed progress by having them be aware of struggles in my life since I tend to hide behind a curtain.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

A twenty mile journey half way around the world

Today, I attended the Knights of Columbus exhibit of David Robert's journeys of rediscovering the Holy Land through the use of lithographs. The details of the hills and mountains along with the buildings and people of the time was a good way to tell the history of a region that I have learned and read through my involvement with my faith journey. A friend of mine commented that people do have great amounts of talent and it is amazing to see what can be done when the mind is put to active use. At times, my mind is on a neutral mode where I don't always challenge myself to do things that will bring myself and others closer to God.
There is a lot of history to that region. If only the inhabitants there would appreciate their unique contribution to society, then the world might be able to get along better.
It was fascinating to see how the land looked when it was painted compared to how it looks today and to see how the painter altered the landscapes a little to give it more color.
Some of the local catholic schools had different christmas trees decorated with images of Christ and different attributes of Him. It was good to see Christmas trees decorated the way that the children did. Different style of art but that which has come from the heart and soul of the artist.
A good way to see a cheerful scene of art and a good way to escape the gloom of a rainy day and a 1 point loss to Tennessee by Uconn women.

Abraham believes God

In life, believing in the impossible is a difficult thing for me to do. In reading scripture today, Abraham is faced with similar difficulties. Here God has made him a promise to provide him with a son with his wife, Sarah. Yet, they are way past the normal child-bearing years. Yet, this was a precursor to one of the challenges that God would be placing in his path after Isaac is born and is asked to sacrifice him. God interacts with Abraham and brings him to the night sky and asks him to look up. The essense of stars, grains of sand and even dust in scripture point to the endless possiblities that God has for us and the connections that they can lead to.
Belief for him didn't come easy and by having his wife agree to have him sleep with their servant, it caused a conflict in history. But, God can use different groups of people to get his plan accomplished.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Sleet amid the snow

I walked to the bus and my road to work as the sleet fell on the freshly laid snow. Sleet is a heavy rain that doesn't fall as rapidly as rain. But it is still messy. Cars and trucks throw the mixture in the direction of the grass with fragments of the liquid heading toward the curb. But there is something special about that first appearance of falling snow that makes the world a very special and magical place.
In scripture this day, I covered some of Revelation which is an apocolyptic book talking about the future of the world in imagery. The constant theme of the book is to pay attention to matters in life. In other parts of scripture, the writers warn to pay attention to obeying the laws of God and it will go well with you. And it can also pertain well to work, especially in the world of reviews. Having intention of doing better is not always enough. Still have to work on communication and organization. But the fact of seen progress seems to be enough to keep me on the team of employment. May God bless you.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Reaching to the top of the Tower

In the journey through the Old Testament, the Israelites desired to build a great city with a tower that would show others how great they are. They had an honest intention of bringing themselves together in unity, but ultimately it caused them to be separate as a result of their pride. Ironically, they did not work as cooperatively as they could have. The end result of this tower is that their connections became even more scattered than before. Monuments don't always bring about greatness in a culture. They can be taken down in an instant as we learned with the World Trade center on sept. 11th and even earthquakes and tsunamis can bring down castles in an instant. Let us let the tower of Babel teach the lesson of how family and close ties with one another can help build our identity even better. May God bless you.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Noah and the flood

Unfortunately, in southeast Asia , the nations are facing horrendous floods and devestation. These scenes provide insight into a story from the old testament of Noah and the flood. The essense of the story of the Ark is how God made a plan for animals to be included for sacrifice and for provision of food. And the story shows how God uses a man such as Noah who had talents of shipbuilding and a perseverence to get the job done even when many outsiders ridiculed what he was doing-building a boat on dry land. But he believed God. This is what many of the old testament leaders did and that is what made them successful.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

faithfulness in family

Upon the reading of Scripture today, two individuals stood out. Enoch got special mention in that he never tasted death and went straight to heaven. Also, Noah stood out since he was to bring the world relief in farming and also ushered God's announcing his plan for Christmas ahead of time with the creation of the Ark. God always starts out with His plan using ordinary people which I find very cool.

Saturday, January 01, 2005


Upon observing the first day of the Old Testament reading in chronological order, I noticed how God placed boundaries upon time, place and people. In time, God placed boundaries by creating the essense of day and night. In the area of places, God set up a boundary around the tree of life and was not pleased when the fruit from it was taken ahead of when it should have been. And in the area of people, God clearly shows the importance of how unique we are in His creation and how Adam recognized his wife when he awoke after God created her out of his rib. just some quick thoughts and I need to apply the idea of boundaries in making sure that I know how to make better of use of my visits in time, in places and with the people that God has placed me around. Happy New Year to all.