Sunday, January 30, 2005

WE are the church

Today in church, our pastor challenged us that we are the church. We need to make changes by seeking out people with problems and inviting them in. This will help others to experience God's love by giving them an internal make-over. On television, there is the hit show, Extreme Makeover-Home Edition that has a team of designers over a week rebuild someone's home to meet a specific need in their lives. The church in a way has the same function, yet, it takes a lifetime to have that process take hold.
The disciple's makeover is not instant, and it can not be done in a week. It requires a lot of work. For it to work, a team needs to be put in place. We are cracked pots that can only be of use if they are strengthened by God. But we must not allow to cracks to be patched since God's love can be shined through us. This I learned from today's sermon at my church. May God bless the reader of this.

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