Monday, August 28, 2006

Andrew's Initiative

Almost 2000 years ago, a child named Andrew in the crowd gives Jesus 3 loaves and 2 fish to Jesus to feed them. Not much for a small chiild to give-except that it was a lot since he gave of the little that he had to bless the multitude. Our world needs some Andrews to help with South Africa. Our small church is taking some initiatives in that region. Small stuff matters to God. Faith as small as a mustard seed will move mountains. The widow who gave the mite made God glad. And as Paul states, God used the humble and lowly to confound the wise and mighty.

Small amounts blessed by God bring comfort and nourishment. it's amazing how $2,000 can feed and take care of an entire village of 30 kids for a year. For the price for a couple of bagels, bread is extended to another nation 14 hours by plane.

just a few quick ponderings on solving the world's problems one person at a time!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

On a mission

I am on a mission in life. With the upcoming launch of the shuttle this sunday morning -weather permitting and all elements of countdown in working order, the astronauts who have trained for almost 4 years for this mission will have their work cut out for them.
It takes a lot of training for the astronauts going to a place a far way off and reaching for the space station takes a concerted effort. Plans must be in place and not only that, but systems in Houston and Cape Canaveral have to be in communication with each other.
I have to be more in tune with the way NASA operates its business-of being in symbiosis with the different organizations. The mission that I need to embark on is to be more organized in my life. I tend to not accomplish goals in my life-leaving many unfinished tasks piled on top of each other. I have trouble moving from one aspect of my life to the next. I need to remember to be like NASA more and have elements lined up better.

This is a lot like how the Holy Spirit works within the lives of believers. I do need to let the Holy Spirit have control in my life just as NASA has the command center with all of the terminals showing the trajectory (path) and the altitude and speed of the mission.

I am thankful of how I have seen several people that I know throughout life=Gail from the Kennedy Center at the bus station to a friend Dan driving by to hearing Chip's voice call out my name and to a church member, Kevin, as I chatted with him briefly while at the computer in the gym.
I need to have others on the team for the mission of Scott 2006 or however I call it.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Hard to get used to fragments in life. Part of what you expect does not always come about as you have planned or hoped for. I was getting excited to spend some time with my brother and my folks next week for a long weekend only to find out that it will just be me with them instead due to a change in his plans. It is not easy dealing across country with family matters that are not always easy to know what goes on.
I am still going to the Down East which I love and would not miss the weekend for anything. What I will miss in Connecticut of a possible potluck at work, a beach service for church and a picnic with friends will be able to done differently throughout the year. I treasure the time that I have with family; even though I do not always show it the way that I should.
Last year, I sacrificed some local comfort and familiarity and had a blast when I spent Easter weekend with my parents. Watching Rachel Ray cook several times a day to the basketball playoffs to the NCAA tournament and the games of gin rummy and even the assembly of a pciture frame of my parents.

Go Maine.

I am glad that I was called my parents' pride and joy. Knowing what I put them through in the early years and how far I have come in life is encouraging. Still have a little ways to go. But don't we all.

For the last period of time, I feel that I am an archaeologist and anthropologist trying to piece together my life and the lives of my friends and family. Not totally having all the clues to mysteries in relationships. But trusting in God to make the best of everything. Even undrstanding myself is a puzzle a times-not being able to solve it all. I need to lean on

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Misc thoughts

Journeys are what begin with a simple step and have a goal that is set within ones mind. I reflect on the yellow brick road that the characters in the Wizard of Oz embarked on in search for meaning and an added bonus that would help them live their lives better. that is an important thing to remember as one goes through life trying to find some meaning in their life-an added value component to life.

I am thankful that the one true foundation of the church is Jesus. Many times people come and go but the flavor of the local church stays which is Christ Jesus.

Peace to my readers.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Becoming Real

Oh the power of make-believe. Of angels coming to the earth and helping mankind find himself. I watched a movie, Life-sized , of a doll that came to life to save a young girl about to be run over by a truck and bring together her dad and herself as a family again. Now that is a stretch for me to enter into the newest writing. But God has given each one of us an imagination.

We don't have to be perfect as this world wants us to be. We can just be ourselves. I was afraid today to enter the world as one with his hurts showing. I stayed for a good half of the day in my ivory tower of self-pity looking out at the world below. I am sorry God that I did not enter it with my heart and soul. I wish that I could have emotionally. Thanks God for the few moments that I took to shed myself and care for someone else by entering 7 numbers on the phone and encouraging her. To take the time and value someone who has lost part of her family and is struggling in health. And I thank you for the way that I see Jesus working within her too.

As dolls have numbers of authenticity marked on their presence, I have my name written in the lambs book of Life. A name that will not perish no matter how I may err and mess up. It is there for me to be with the Lion forever. With Aslam who travels in the The Chronicles of Narnia. His presense is among the animals and among the travelers who entered the wardrobe into the land of Narnia. To enter the world of authenticity it took the world to see Christ. A man on the outward appearance but within and throughout a powerful force of eternal life with the sparks of the Divine written all over Him for those in the crowds that CHOSE to believe in Him. And a time for him to be with us in the world in visible sense. to those Galileans and Jews who witnessed his time in the temple and his time on the streets and hillsides dispensing Good News to those who had no hope.