Saturday, January 08, 2005

A twenty mile journey half way around the world

Today, I attended the Knights of Columbus exhibit of David Robert's journeys of rediscovering the Holy Land through the use of lithographs. The details of the hills and mountains along with the buildings and people of the time was a good way to tell the history of a region that I have learned and read through my involvement with my faith journey. A friend of mine commented that people do have great amounts of talent and it is amazing to see what can be done when the mind is put to active use. At times, my mind is on a neutral mode where I don't always challenge myself to do things that will bring myself and others closer to God.
There is a lot of history to that region. If only the inhabitants there would appreciate their unique contribution to society, then the world might be able to get along better.
It was fascinating to see how the land looked when it was painted compared to how it looks today and to see how the painter altered the landscapes a little to give it more color.
Some of the local catholic schools had different christmas trees decorated with images of Christ and different attributes of Him. It was good to see Christmas trees decorated the way that the children did. Different style of art but that which has come from the heart and soul of the artist.
A good way to see a cheerful scene of art and a good way to escape the gloom of a rainy day and a 1 point loss to Tennessee by Uconn women.

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