Saturday, June 25, 2005

A strong Brotherhood

A strong brotherhood exists among firemen in the world. On September 11th, the nation came together to support one another. A documentary, "Brothers on Holy Ground", illustrated that on that day, firemen did not go to work but to do what they loved to do. They acted selflessly as guardian angels to provide comfort as they walked alongside others in their fight of their lives so they would not be alone as they faced death. And they provided countless opportunities to guide those who were confused or needed reassurance in their getting to safety. I am thankful for those firefighters for them being in the stairwells of the towers in that my cousin Bruce made it out of the 51st floor because they were on hand.
It is hard to find that compassion on a daily basis in the workplace since accounting issues rarely have the life or death issues behind it. But I am challenged not just to go to work to do my job but just to "have to go to be me and affect those around me." Self sacrifice was evident that day. A fraternity of brothers existed that extend to families to this day in how the loving touch impacts us all. so thanks to the 343 that gave their lives on the holy ground of Ground Zero.

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