Saturday, March 12, 2005

The land of the falling snow

Upon waking today, the snow glistened on the trees. It was a freshly fallen snow that makes several mornings of the winter a magical time for me. The snow gently covered the branches and had a serene quality to it. It was mostly fluff and had a very mushy texture to it. The warmth in the air had some of the snow falling from the trees and the water melted and ran alongside the ground.
This makes up for some of the very cold winter mornings that I spent waiting alongside the side of the cemetery for the bus. It is good to know that the end of the winter is near and we will be approaching the time of spring and summer when the days will be filled mostly with warmth. Then the beauty of that time will be the warmth of the air and birds singing and the honeysuckle and roses and forsythia blooming along the streets.
I remember growing up in Fairfield on Margemere during that kind of spring where the lush reds and pinks of the forsythias and the pinks and whites of the dogwoods lined our little dead end street. It was a very special place to be at that time of year.
It would be great to avoid the harshness of the winter season, but there is the balance of the seasons which God created so that anyone can have a vote on their favorite season and be happy about it. He alone created the times of the year. And He is the author of our lives who gives us seasons to live also.
May these words bless the reader.

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