Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Trudging through the Snow!!!!

I am going to be trudging through about a foot of snow tomorrow. hey, I am much stronger than the wary flakes that are going to be falling from above. I watched and observed a magical Thursday morning when some of the flakes were furry and some were in the diamond shape. I enjoy seeing them fall. On that particular morning, the snow falling had an even heat with the east and the westerly directions coming down at the same pace.

I held my hand out and caught the flakes that fell into my black felt gloves. I never watched the snow fall into my hands like I did that morning. Maybe that is a small fringe benefit of being a commuter on three bus lines. I have the time to observe little things like from time to time.

Yet, when many of the flakes gang up on me, the combined effort will be much more than I can individually handle and I will be overcome. So I will have to take it one footstep at at time to get through the journey~~~

Enjoy and make a splash in the melting snow puddles!!!