Saturday, May 28, 2005

Lessons learned

Today, God showed me a couple of things that I needed to learn. First, I need to give thanks to God more than I do. One of the bands in a local coffeeehouse kept singing the refrain, Thank you Lord. I forget to do that sometimes in all of the blessings that I am given daily in this life.
I tend to be preoccupied as to who I should be friends to. This reminded me of the conversation Jesus had with His disciples who wanted to be first. I must treat my friendships with humility thinking of them with high respect and not want to be first but to be a servant to them. Tough to actually do since I don't always look with His eyes or walk and work in the spirit. That is why Jesus had his disciples work in pairs when He showed them how to share the Good News. Help me Lord to be that kind of person to the world.

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