Saturday, October 08, 2005

Rising up

Have you ever wondered how the sun rises and begins its day. Lots of wonder exist in the universe and much of it gets taken for granted. This is how we define our days and weather is a major indicator of how we are to get dressed and function in society.
This morning I had the thought of being drenched head to toe in rain and in a mess. I had to make it into society today to get a much needed haircut and attend a writing workshop at the local library. Slicker in hand and an umbrella, I set off for my day to accomplish what needed to be done. A few raindrops chased me but nothing major to cause a feeling of being a wet rat.

On the bus the other day, George boarded with a stuffed briefcase and a Connecticut Post umbrella under his arm. He wore a tan hat and wore glasses and a tan overcoat. He must have been a lawyer since he had briefs with him and other material.
A lady sitting across from me ate her potato chips pausing a moment before chewing on each one. She dressed in a brown suit and wore a hat.
On the same ride, I found out that one of our former passengers-a british gentleman with a cane-died. He was a gentle soul who always had ideas of how to change and make society a better place. He always had a longing for his country of England and always spoke of the queen and her land. I will miss the musing of his about the state of our land and the longing he had to return there. He provided within me a challenge to find ways to make our city and country a much better place to live in. Only if I could have thanked him for that opportunity to do so.
A lady that I saw had just come from work and was sharing how John Glenn would be at the local Stop and Shop for the grand opening. She kept listening to her radio and gave a commentary of what was happening. Wishing I was there, I wanted to imagine it but I found later that it was in her imagination.
On the bus, the sun sets for each of us for that particular day. It is the end of the rythms for that particular day. It will resume in another 12 hours just as the sun has its cycles that run from one day to the next. Some days others are more rested but the sun keeps its vibrancy since it always has the opportunity for a long 12 hour rest.