Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Joy of the Lord is My Strength

Many characters in life appear strong!!!! Samson, Rambo, King David, Arnold Schwarzenger. Whether one has the hair, muscles, wit and strength that these people exhibit-true strength comes from relying on ones inner resources from God. Not always easy to do-especially when one has feelings of loneliness or isolation. But that is why it is great to have verses hidden within ourselves that allow for quiet meditation.
Joy is something common within the yuletide time of Christmas. A newborn is a cheerful addition to a family. For those first few months, members of the family make frequent visits and take careful note of the child is progressing. In our faith as babes in Christ, how frequently do we take note of how others are progressing as we do when around infants. Not that we will remain immature but that we grow into the full measure of His fullness.

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