Monday, March 14, 2011

the Birthday of Stars

The power in the universe to bring birth a star from within space.
The power to crush houses and lands
The power to distinguish the in-between of Good and Evil

The power to love and to hate.

The power to forgive or exact revenge.

The love to hang on the cross or throw insults at the King

That is the love of God verses the envy of the enemy.

Let us accept our place in the world and not fight back.

Enjoy each day that....
you receive some star dust sprinkled from the birthday cake of the stars.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Mothers are very special people in this world. They are the creative canvases for which the genius and talent of society get formed. For within their wombs are created intricately created human beings.
Architected through the swishing of cells floating through a sea of life clinging to the scaffolding that supports life.

When I think of my mom, I think of the word, "walk". For without this word, I would not have moved forward in my life. Or I would have moved very silently forward. For when I was born, I faced many challenges in my life. Without her strong hand, I would not have made it and would have probably been a small heap in the middle of the floor.

When my mom left school after meeting and marrying my dad, they lived near a farm and conserved their resources as my dad was a traveling auditor through General Electric where my mom's dad worked. Dad's job took them through parts of Ohio, New York and Connecticut.

When I was born, I was slow to speak and through many long hours and months of therapy, I got the gears moving and going until I spoke with a fluency and a cadence of thought.
Forwarding to today, I can speak so well that I often deliver my thoughts at a supersonic speed, one that breaks the speed barrier, as others and even I try to chase back to a previous idea that was communicated by me.
When I speak, I often start my thoughts in the middle of a sentence. That is something that my mom often reminds me often to go back to the station and pick up with the original train of thought and to string it together.

My mom is a pioneer, one that went out into the world to find a way to reach into and release and capture my inner soul.
In the past, it has been easier at times to write of my father and his influence on my life, but without my mom, I would not be here for she has been a strong advocate of me in those early years as she has made sure that I get the best of education and care in the academic stations of life. Almost like that of a baton carrier in a race that sees to it that she hands off the baton smoothly to the next runner.

As I have taken that baton, it has not always been easy. When I was younger, I looked back and saw how it was not easy to move forward in life. But the courage that mom has demonstrated every day in her life as she dealt with struggles with my brother and with her mom and my dad and myself. She always has been a special person whom I and others could talk to and express their feelings.

Mom had experience early in her life as she helped to raise her twin brothers. This gave my mom invaluable experience in how to deal with family dynamics. Several times, she waited in the car while her mom and dad went to the market or the library. She speaks often of my resemblance in my appearances and dry sense of humor.
She recalls often of how her mom waited for the delivery of the fish, ice, meat and fresh vegetables to their home growing up.
Her family grew up during World War II and often at the dinner table, her mom and dad conducted and followed the war with maps on the wall showing where the troops were going. They grew up having to use the war ration stamps and often had to darken their windows to prevent them from being seen from above.

When my mom was growing up, her father brought her to the local library when she brought home a full bag of books to read during the week. She devoured them during the time that she spent with them.
Mom wanted to pursue further studies in library science but had to put that ambition on hold as she transferred her knowledge and talents into me. To make me a better person. So I can continue to bless others in life and move out into the world.
That is a very good model in life to follow as it models the theme of discipleship found in Scriptures where Jesus teaches his followers to continue His mission. For I am continuing my mom's mission of helping others in this selfless manner. Even when it has costs to ones ambitions. But they were ambitions that were blessingly transferred over to me as I help educate others about life. Myself being a branch of my mom's library of resources.

And she serves the library of their retirement community bettering the lives of many residents there, stamping in and out the books, culling the card catalog, recommending good bios and just being a friend to all. And exchanging stories of growing up in the different communities throughout the United States.

As my mom has grown up, she has aged gracefully. She has been gentle in how she has dealt with all the challenges that life offers each and every day. She has been a very good executive to control all of life's challenges that have faced the Davis Corporation of life.

Thanks for all the quiet service and love that you are and have meant to me, Mom.