Sunday, March 15, 2009

A wild Ride down an aisle

this weekend was a wild one- for the Lord Jesus.
I went to a men's conference with three thousand other men at Bloomfield, CT for an iron sharpens iron conference. One of the focuses was the rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees. Two pairs of tickets were being given away that afternoon.
Åt the end of the first session, I handed my ticket into the bucket for a drawing.
I went about the next few hours in a normal mode.

Then at 1:08 pm , the big buckets of entries were combined into one bucket and the name was drawn. The speaker announced into his microphone, "Scott Davis". I stood there amazed for a second and waved my hands and then had sixty seconds to make it to the front of the church.

Yet, I was in the upper balcony and when frozen, I did not quite have a get away plan made in case I won. I felt like one of the oscar winners shocked and out of breath for the moment. This was indeed one of those moments in time that get sung about.
Friends later said, some said, give it up and draw again when I did not make a quick appearance. But I am thankful for the grace allowed in the sixty=first second. I didn't deserve the extension, but it was granted.

I found one of the red-shirted ushers who helped guide me through this maze to the front of the church. I made my rocky-like approach down the aisle and ran past friends who were clapping and shouting my name in unison.

I grabbed the tickets. Thankful for this chance. When I got back to my seat, a little out of breath, i was glad.
My friend , Gary Davis, said, "I knew it would be you. Can I go too." I explained, "I only have two tickets. would love to but I can't take you. We both can't drive." Gary said to me, "You were suprised!!"

I told Gary, "Yes, I was, to say the least"
Mark took my picture of me holding the tickets in my hands smiling.

The next morning at church I was announced as the winner for the tickets after the slide show of the event.
I had plenty of friends high-fiving me for the win. It felt good.

But what will ultimately feel even better is when I walk through the pearly gates of heavens and find Jesus. And hear His welcoming and reassuring words , "Well Done good and faithful servant! Welcome home and enjoy your reward. For eternity . From the alpha to the omega.

Thanks Jesus for the lesson learned of knowing that the job is well done. Yet, I have a little more work to do. As is stated in Philipians 1:6, "He who began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus."
Remember even if not all is pearly in life, God is there in those small moments to surprise us with his grace, an undeserved favor at Christ's expense for our very benefit.

Keep in the game and run that race. And find the ushers in life to get you through the maze so you can run down the aisle to get that prize that Jesus is calling for you-that pair of box seats in heaven. To be seated next to Jesus for all of eternity with all of His saints through the years!!!!!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

trains breathing down the tracks

ON the way Home,
I heard the breath of the train,
its long legs churning back and forth.

Making huffs and puffs down the track.
Screeching out of the station.
Not seeing

but hearing its life leave the station.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Longing to reach out and be completely human
Overcoming the obstacles faced each and every day.
vetting through our conscience our beloved.
Enthusiastically reaching out to mankind and to God
Yearning to be made whole,
ringing one's words on our fingers
nursing our wounds in prayer.
intensely crying out to God
getting answers slowly from above.
hearing whispers of forgiveness from our lover.
believing it is the truth that we hear.
acting as if it is going to be all right.
Serving God and one another
Forgiving our friends as Jesus has forgiven us!!