Sunday, August 17, 2014

Remember the power switch

There are a lot of power switches in our lives.
Let us not forget to use them.

Here is a little example of how this plays out.
In the Lord's prayer.

I looked at a new as Nancy Gould and I were saying parts of the Lord's prayer at a picnic to honor our usher team.
one part says, "Deliver us from evil and temptation. For thine is the power and the Glory."
That switch of turning on the power will enable us to accomplish many of the elements in the Lord's prayer. So this is just a starting point of what it is.

Meditate on and comment and more will flow as life moves on.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Stepping out into the pond.
Letting a stone ripple across its surface.
Ripplets slowly spreading forth from its center.

It has been a while since I stepped out of the comfort of Facebook and onto the blog pages.  For the last few memoir group meetings, I have pulled something off of a previously written blog post or maybe read something from a few months ago and read it and left the meeting.

That is not what gardeners do when they plant a crop. They take new seed and plant it in the ground and let it grow.  I am realizing that creative people need to take something new and place it in the ground and let it grow.  I have those random seeds of thought that I can move around and put together. In an essence, that is creativity in action.  But it needs to be planted and grown.

I thank many of my friends who have been reminding me lately to write as they have asked me how my writing has been. The reality is that I have not been tending to it.
It can be hard to unearth what is inside.  This past week, I attended a leadership conference at Black Rock Church that was a new host site for Bill Hybel's Global Leadership Summit. Twenty years ago, he heard a whisper from God to enhance the leadership arena with a conference for about 3,000 local leaders and now it goes to 200,000 worldwide and their 6 year plan is to grow it to 500,000 leaders worldwide.  

What an ambition. Along the same line of Toby, another local leader, who prayed for one new participant in a prayer feast. He got about 5 new participants. He shared how we need to dream bigger.

So I guess I need to dream bigger on the impact of these words that come from my brain and soul and emanate through my fingertips on this keyboard.
It reminds of how the use of iPads can impact those who have profound difficulties in communicating with others, especially those with autism.

When we communicate, we do not know automatically what to communicate at first. It takes great skill to know what we should say.  Or maybe not skill but the willingness to put forth an idea.
Back to that seed analogy, it is to let something die and then be sprouted back to life.  Maybe an old habit or a lack of desire to move forward on something that will birth a new project or idea.

Oh, it has been a tough week with the passing of Robin Williams, the great comic.  But I did take a few moments while I was in the ordinary dental chair to bring a little levity and laughter into that situation which I will share at another time.  In tribute to Robin Williams.

So I thank you Brittany for reminding me of my writing and I need to do it more. So here I am back on the pages of Triumph and hoping that you, the reader,  will have a chance to triumph in the coming weeks and days ahead.

Rest In His grace and unconditional love.