Saturday, May 07, 2005

Singing with the Angels

This past week our church lost someone special to us. She served God in many capacities. Yet, in her current struggles with cancer, she did not lose heart. Life is a temporary journey that we are on.
Yet as one of my friends from church stated to me, she is probably singing with the angels in heaven. That is a forever chorus of praise.
As part of the reward one gets from serving God faithfully through life is a mansion that God has prepared for those in advance. It is ready when one's time on earth has ended.
Sing on Sandy!!!Welcome to the choir.

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Chris said...

When I think of her I think of her beatiful smile as she is dancing and singing with those angels.

I will miss her for the rest of my life but, praise God I know I shall see her again. Together we will rejoice.

This life is only the begining and for her I rejoice. She has arrived in the promised land.

In some selfish ways I am sad but I am not sad that she is gone from this life. She lived as full a life as some who are here on this Earth for a much longer time. She made each and every day count.

We all can learn from her example and I pray that I take the lessons she taught me and apply them to my life as well as she did.