Friday, December 30, 2005

Forging ahead with the new year

We are at the corner of the new year going from 2005 to 2006. Much has happened on the landscape of the earth since the beginning of the year from earthquakes and hurricanes. What happens on the inside of these storms is understood a little by the scientists and much of the activity happens at a very frantic pace.
What may appear as disorder within is part of the plan that the Creator has done. I do not fully understand the suffering that these storms bring and the long-term suffering which results. Yet it does allow some people to trust and lean on others for their help.
Nature demonstrates awesome strength and it requires citizens of earth to wrestle with the elements. May the struggle go on.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Landing in on OZ

Approaching the airport at night from the air can be very special. Especially when the sky is lit up from below from the city life. That is how life and creation began from the very beginning.
It was a time when I came from visiting my brother and family in Minnesota and we made a night time landing at LaGuardia. The lights from below illuminated the land and made it a magical place. I was going to be inhabiting the earth again from being distant a while back with my family.
Having spent time with family is special since not much time is spent together these days=our having lives that are separate and distant. Time has a way of not always making oneself present directly except through communications of letters, cards, calls, and emails.
It is always great to be around my niece, Abby, when we are able to get together as family. She is a very lively niece who has a broad smile and captivates a room when she is around. She has blond hair and is slender and athletically built. She jumps around excited and lively-eager to get anywhere she wants fast. When we went to a children's museum once, Abby got into the firefighters gear and slid down the pole and got into the firetruck to rescue the people trapped by the fire in the building. She enjoyed playing with the cash register in the toy store and ringing up customer purchases at the register.

Being present is special since laughs can be shared and cherished. I remember one Christmas when my niece, Abby, at 3 years old, received her first tea set and table and chairs. She positioned her toy bear at the table very carefully and poured him a cup of tea and spoke to Fuzzy Wuzzy saying, "Here is your cup of tea, Enjoy and drink it up." She ran excitedly around the table and even sat on the chair. Erica said, "careful, get down from the chair" Soon, many of her animals came from her chest to join Fuzzy Wuzzy at the table. Purple Hippo joined the Fray and she continued to pour the tea for the others. That was the excitement for that Christmas even before the other presents were to be opened. She has a great joy to run around and hear and listen to stories often. How she can join in the grand time of the season.
Reading stories is always a joy especially since she repeatedly said, "again" And even gets excited when buildings or creations topple, as she says "disaster, disaster" excitedly often.
She joins in at the making of the pies and paints even at the table. She has a great joy of nature having been with the Nature preschool program for 2 years. Exploring the crevices of nature as she climbs the rocks and hills of the museum, she shows a great spirit of enthusiasm.