Saturday, September 26, 2009

God Needed to Rest!!!!

It is a calm and restless in this abyss. God walks around and sees that there is no flashlight in his hand. "Oops, I left it at my workshop bench."

How empty is this is pre-existent universe that we can not even see. For I am not God;I have no way of seeing an instant replay of what it was like before. I do have some idea if I wander around in a dark place, holding onto whatever I can find so I don't fall or ask for the help of a friend's hand.

Yet, here is God in the vastness of pre-space. He calls out, "Hey, let there be light!!!! Sorry, Edison, but God beat you to it!!!!!!

To be Continued.... for I need rest!!!!
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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Record tied!!!

Tonight I watched live on t.v. as Derek Jeter got his 2,721st hit of the career tying Lou Gehrig. Those two men in the same sentence. What historic accomplishments. And on a day with all 9's ;09-09-09
I remember when it was 07-07-07 and i was in Maine and went to the Boothbay Harbor YMCA for a swim. That was quite a long time ago.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Listening to the cicadas

I am here listening to the cicadas and I know it is half-past one. They are one verbal and vocal reminder of God's urban spokesmen for the evening shift. It is good to listen to and hear their sounds. Of the orchestral quality of these stringed instruments.
Can't you imagine them lining up on the stage before a classical music concert and the first cicada gets up and clears his throat and spreads his wings and then sits down. To continue to play beautiful music.

Surrounded by the presence of God in my being contacted by a christian man reminding me of a breakfast that was happening and offering a ride to it, And by a christian woman just checking in to see how family was doing and to see what was new.

Being encouraged to go to to listen to an online service. Being blessed on hearing of the authority of Jesus.

And of being encouraged by a high school alumna who was impressed of how I handled it all with courage and wanted to know what was up. Had the chance to share with her a bit. And that gave me a chance to see how far I have come in my life as well.

So I thank you Lord for how I can listen to your orchestra and to see how you orchestrate the little events in my life as well.
Especially when I sometimes think that you are one thousand miles away when you are only 10 feet in front of my bedroom window.

Now I lay my head back on the pillow to hear the rest of God's opus no 92.
Thank you Lord!!!!!!