Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Lasting Impact

Over the past week, the world has paid much attention to the life of Pope John Paul II's life and his impact on the world. He was a man who lived his calling to serve others. He also was sensitized the suffering of others from his experiences during the era of World War II. From that experience, he could identify with the poor just as Mother Theresa did in Calcutta.
From the era of the 1st century when Jesus was born into the world, he had an impact that is felt today. His words echo through our generations to today when we hear of His miracles and teachings during our weekly church services.
The sound of a rushing waterfall going over the rocks as it cascades into the resting pond below is a very refreshing sound. As I have visited nature centers in the past, it is always good to hear that sound. This is a constant cycle that renews itself back to its source. Water is a symbol for life in literature and the christian faith. It is a symbol for many believers in becoming a part of a church family.
Just as water is refreshing-so is rest. When Jesus finished one of his teachings, he went to the mount of olives and rested within the mount. This gives a picture of rest and abandonment to God. This must have been refreshing to Him since he was very busy ministering to the needs of those around Him.
During the next month at our church, we are being challenged to reach out to others and minister to them. It is easy to expect a pastor to do the work of God, but it can be very limiting to its effect. Just as in the corporate world, many employees do the work. And this gets the task done much more effectively. It is easy to sit back and relax at times. Sometimes it is necessary even with the example of Jesus resting. But then to get back up and continue in service can be very rewarding.
The work that Christ did while He was on our earth was through the teachings and performing of miracles. The miracles were temporary and demonstrated His power and authority over nature. But Jesus says that we can do even greater things than He ever did in that we build connections with each other and relationships can have a long lasting impact long after we die. Just as we witnessed in the past week of an impact even a 1 minute encounter can come with a visit from the Pope.

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