Saturday, May 21, 2005

Being awake to our spirit within

For the past three months in my church men's group, we looked at two books, Wild at Heart and Understanding the Mind of a Woman. We finalized our thoughts from these books and came to an understanding of some questions on how to live a more fulfillling life.
John Eldridge in Wild at Heart asks some key questions. One of them is: Are we living our lives as an adventure. In life's path, it can sometimes seem to be rather ordinary in how we live with our routines and daily chores. But it can be at times when we step out of our normal day that we will have an impact upon the world.
Rainbows and Northern lights don't always appear before our eyes. Adn we only get a special glimpse of them. Even though they happen randomly and some may never experience them fully, they do occur for special reasons. And these sights of nature can be of comfort and encouragement for those who go thorugh daily struggles. I am reminded of a local teen in Milford , John Tartaglia, who has to fight the daily battle of life. Here is a man who lived a normal life until an infection took over his body. Even thought it consumed his legs, it didn't consume his heart. It is a reminder that even those who have hardships can rise above them. And to have an impact on the friends that I work with in Milford and in lives around the world as a result of a sturdy determination to never give up.
In our musings of life, this battle surrounds all of us. Whether one is in traffic or in a line at a store or movie. The army that we have to fight this battle is both within us and from the friends and support networks that we have outside of us.

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