Saturday, June 25, 2005

A strong Brotherhood

A strong brotherhood exists among firemen in the world. On September 11th, the nation came together to support one another. A documentary, "Brothers on Holy Ground", illustrated that on that day, firemen did not go to work but to do what they loved to do. They acted selflessly as guardian angels to provide comfort as they walked alongside others in their fight of their lives so they would not be alone as they faced death. And they provided countless opportunities to guide those who were confused or needed reassurance in their getting to safety. I am thankful for those firefighters for them being in the stairwells of the towers in that my cousin Bruce made it out of the 51st floor because they were on hand.
It is hard to find that compassion on a daily basis in the workplace since accounting issues rarely have the life or death issues behind it. But I am challenged not just to go to work to do my job but just to "have to go to be me and affect those around me." Self sacrifice was evident that day. A fraternity of brothers existed that extend to families to this day in how the loving touch impacts us all. so thanks to the 343 that gave their lives on the holy ground of Ground Zero.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Victory Chimes

Windjammers on the coast of Maine are a familiar sight during the summer. My parents and I watched the parade of windjammers from McCown Point in Boothbay Harbor one summer day with my Aunt Marion. She is very slender with a head full of silvery hair and deep furrows in her brow and wiry sunglasses on her head.
When we watched the parade of tall masted sailing boats, we ate a picnic lunch on the lawn. There were green picnic tables that lined the lawn. We ordered our hotdogs, onion rings, fries and slaw and iced tea from the Dusty Red Hot Dog stand. While my Aunt Marion was about to eat her hot dog, a pesky sea gull swooped down and grabbed her dog from the bun and took off with it. "Oh my, that gull got my hot dog" she said in disdain.
'those folks from boothbay Hrbor, you know. "
During this festival, many sailors got ready to board their boats to watch the festival from the sea. This is a version of a street parade in most towns-only this one is from the water. The port was teeming with the movement of sailors getting their boats ready for the day's sail.
When we watched from McCown point, we saw the ships from a distance going by with the sails fully-furled and passing by.
Several years later, my parents and I were on our motor boat, the Rascal W. and we saw the Victory Chimes from the water. We looked up and were awed at her majesty. We watched the crew unfurl the sails and get her ready to head out to sea for her next portion of her journey. The Victory Chimes rested upon the waters of the Harbor and the waves from the movement of the boats could be heard gently jostling against the boat.
Approximately, 10 years later, My Dad and Brother Randy and I took a four day cruise aboard the Victory Chimes in Penobscot Bay in Maine. Boarding an historic boat that I saw from several vantage points was exciting. On the boat, the floors were lined with small slats and the walls were lined with historic posters detailing the various ports which were visited and other maritime trivia.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Taking ones stand

Fifty years ago this December 5th, a young black woman, Rosa Parks changed the history of this nation. She refused to cowtow to the establishment of discrimination. Going against the stream in society's cultures and customs is not easy. It creates friction and dissent. But a great revolution started for the negro society that day when Rosa listened to her God given conscience to not give in and to fight for the right of equality.
What helped her in the mass movement that began as the Montgomery bus boycott was the strength of her supporters such as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. This young preacher was at the centerr of the civil rights movement advocating peace and non-violence. The cooperation of the community gathered around Rosa and her dream. Just as Rev. King had the same dream that he gave at the steps of the Washington Monument, he helped fuel and encourage a movement that brought about change -living a faith in action.
Imagine 2000 years ago today when the man from Nazarteth, Jesus, spoke similar words. He gave his Sermon on the Mount as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew 5:9 : Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God. In matthew 5: 12, Jesus states Rejoice for your reward is great, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
So matter where you are in life, remember to stand up or sit down in unconventional territory, one can indeed change the world whether one is on the bus or on a Mount.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Launching ones dream

I watched the movie, October Sky, the one about the dreams of Homer and his friends who had a love for rocketry. Many in his family persuaded him to go into his father's profession in the coal mines, but he followed the dream that was driven by his gift of science and invention.
Breaking out of the mold of expectations brought our society closer to putting man into space.
Sure, risks were involved in the ridicule of others, but the end result was that his family was brought closer together so that ones precious dream could be realized. So when you look into the sky and see a trail of jet exhaust, remember the dreams held by four friends that came true.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Life is Driftwood

The water rushes over the fallen log. Whoosh. Whoosh.
Constant ebbing and flowing of water. Life is a lot like that log that has fallen into the sea and is tossed and turned. In that process, it is polished and shaped to become very beautiful tables and sculptures.