Saturday, June 30, 2007

Survived VBS

This past week, I took a vacation after working all day to hang out with the 4 year olds to the 5th graders with my local church. I was one of the mad scientists who helped to explain the experiments which we did that demonstrated princiiples that we were teaching the children on having a good flight plan to God. We covered Following, Trusting, Listening , repenting and then Serving. Each time that we mentioned one of these words, we had the children yell, "Lift off." They sure liked doing that as they bounced up and yelled those words.

We got to wear white lab coats which made us look official in our roles. Our locale was called the launch lab. Just as NASA has to rehearse and practice each mission that it undertakes, we had to do the same. We got together several mondays and practiced for an hour each time-trying to get each experiment to work. At the times we were trying to get them to work, we said that some of them were a stretch in trying to convey the point. Yet as I observed and participated in these experiments , some biblical truths did emerge in the process.

The main theme of these times with the children was to allow more of God into our lives and to be on the right path.
These experiments were carried out through the use of balloons. In our practice sessions, Sean, who was one of our leading mad scientists really got into the blowing up of the balloons and letting them fly all over the place. That is definitely what happens to me sometimes as I don't allow myself to be connected to God all that much and let my life fly all over the place.

At the end of this week, I just collapsed and took it easy from being around the children almost 20 HOURS THIS WEEK.
Yet Jesus said "we need to have the heart of little children in order to see God. It will take some time to do rhat since a huge gap of over 30 years exists. Yet as I have just aged one year this week, It has given me a new appreciation of what it is to serve. So Let's lift off and soar to new heights with God once these wings have had some time to heal.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Way I See it

This morning I had my breakfast with the usual 6 fellows from my church. It is an odd eclectic mix of singles and marrieds that get together to exchange ideas and tips from the week. Yes, when I say tips I mean the type of things from the best deal on the internet or the best way to have a good time.
We are an unique group with an clerical administrator in me, a semi retired contractor, a nurse, a computer programmer, transportation planner and accountant. Six different professions and different life views. A group that I joined since I heard George one morning talking enthusiastically with one morning at coffee hour and decided to join. I have not gotten the golden nugget yet that has unlocked for me the perfect relationship, but I guess the longer I hang around with them, I may find it and it will open up many possibilities for me.

You see, my friend George, he says "the way I see it, you guys have it easy being single. Nothing to worry about." Yet from my vantage point, I want to be on the other side at times getting the instant satisfaction and joy being with someone would bring. But that is in my mind's eye. I have been told at church that no one person will ever complete me no matter what I may think. It would be great to find that one person. George has mentioned to us in class on sunday morning, our 8 am class, that has not solved earth's problems yet, to make a list of the ideal characteristics that we look at in a mate and what qualities we have ourselves.

On the way over to the gym, there was the song with the lyrics, like a flower quickly fading. We are a mist and a vapor that is on the earth for just a moment. Only here one time and then gone the next. I will be greatly prepared for heaven having studied and discussed the book by Randy Alcorn called, "Heaven". But as the song by mercyme called, "I can only Imagine" it has the lyrics of Will I dance or fall prostrate when I see Jesus face to face. I don't know my immediate reaction, but I know I will thank Him for putting up with my doubts and helping me to endure through life's trials.

I am not attending our free tag sale at church today. I have been rather busy lately. As we were chatting at breakfast, Richard J mentioned how we could buy donuts from the donut inn and then sell them at the free tag sale as people take out their wads of cash. Yet, that would somehow defeat the purposes of the sale in the first place to introduce God's love to others.
Instead of going to the tag sale and helping out at church, I went to the gym and ran into a former landscaper of ours that bought our house in Fairfield. He stayed on the same street and built two houses across from where he lived. I forgot to mention to him if he built two more, he could then have a hotel.

When I got home, I was invited into my the apartment of my neighbor, Polly, for me to see her garden on the terrace. That brought into my mind the joys that I have missed out on since I have refused to let people into my home lately to see my life. I have it covered up with my piles on my surfaces and am afraid to let people into my life. I enter into from the outside at events but it is harder to go one on one with others. I can do it with events outside the home, but to let people come into my life within my walls is hard since I also put up walls around me at times to make me comfortable, but it also can be isolating as well.

I hope that as the reader you are blessed from this reading and always welcome your comments.