Saturday, April 03, 2010

After a rough nights sleep!!!!

What would it have been like for Jesus to wake up that first Easter morning after having spent a couple of nights in the dungeon of hell. Imagine how it must have felt for the King of Kings to subjected to further suffering and separation from His father so that we may never experience the depth and magnitude of the suffering.

We get glimpses throughout the Bible of that suffering with Jonah in the belly of the Great Fish and with the persecutions of the early Christian church with the martyrs.

It is great to imagine Jesus appearing to His followers that Easter morning after having a few bad nights knowing that those won;t come ever again for Him since He is established in heaven and wanted to reassure His followers that they had a place and seat at His table for the banquet feast and time in paradise after all.

Yet that wait for the banquet feast may take a long time in its coming.

Happy Easter to Everyone!!!!

Friday, April 02, 2010

If I could ever praise Him

This being good friday, it is a lot rougher this year than other years since I just passed through a season with my own father's passing. I do have the comforting things from him such as slacks and shirts and ties and the like. But I like to hold onto memories. Yet those are not the tangible things that I can touch like I can touch a letter from my dad or his favorite shirt or tie or jacket.

As I reflect on the love of Jesus as he came into the world as a man disguised as God for his growing up years. Except people knew and heard of his unusual birth to a virgin. Being conceived by the Holy Spirit. Not the usual things that happen in day to day birth announcements.

I wish that I was not confined to a mortal body but had the body where I could be focused on praising Jesus forever. There are times that I would rather hunker down at my computer and try to beat myself in a high score of Scramble. That in a way makes me a little bit like the pharisees who were narrow-minded in their focus on God. I would rather not be like that.

Help me Lord to be more focused in my worship of you so that I can be a Berean like follower who searches out the Holy Scriptures awaiting for you to jump into my life to make it brimming and full of joy indeed!!!!!

May the Glory be fully be made to God on High.

Yet, my dad is able to fully comprehend everything now that he has shed his mortal body and is going to be able to see all that he may not have fully comprehended or indeed have heard while on this mortal coil.