Monday, May 30, 2005

Participating in the Divine

In life, there are many interactions that take place between people. The friendship and bonds that we form connect us to one another and to God.
Some friendships still have meaning even when they are separated half way across the country when shared by common memories and thoughts.
Memories are the glue that hold together our thoughts and attitudes and intentions through life.
It is always great to hear of how someone's dream of a house has become a reality and to realize that prayers are part of that foundation and mortar. As a bricklayer builds a wall, he takes the bricks and lays them atop one another. It is a sculpting process as is life. We take the elementary concepts from childhood and build those concepts into a blueprint of how to live life.
It can be hard when starting to build anything anew. That is the challenge of life. Where to begin is like trying to find where the beginning of a stream is. It can be heard from a distance and as one gets nearer to it, the water rushes over the rocks and moss. Hard to pinpoint the exact point of origin, but that is not the most important thing. It is the connectedness of the rocks, water and moss that makes this a thriving community just as with the interconnected faith community.

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