Sunday, August 14, 2005

Welcoming the Sands

Last night I took a walk on a local beach in town after a coffeehouse. It was dark out and only the moonlight and distant houses lit the way. Connecting back to nature comforts and reorients me to God. That night a 19 year old singer expressed that nature shows how God is present in our lives -no matter how tough life gets for us.
How good it is to have a stable arm to lean on when walking on the shifting sands especially when unable to see in front of you. Jesus is the cornerstone and foundation of life. It is good to have a visual reminder of a friend when undertaking an adventure with no known knowledge of what is ahead of you.
A while into the walk I saw a little unstable territory but a piece of trusted driftwood was by the shore. I was led to the log where I had some time to reflect and sense the world of nature around me. The waves crashed gently on the shore and I had at my side a stick that was pregnant with water. When I wedged it into the sands, the water dripped from the stick. It served as a link to the oceans from which life began. The cicadas sung in the background and the moon lit the ocean gently. Lights glistened from the distance, too.
I was reminded of Psalm 23 that reminds us that the Lord is our Shepherd. He guides us on walks through life. I am thankful for the surprising twists that come into life-it is truly an adventure.


Anonymous said...

Well done good and faithful servant!

Mel said...

Everytime I see the ocean I'm reminded of lyrics from a Ten Sheckel Shirt song, "There's something about the ocean makes me rise up and praise you".

Thanks for the reminder to praise God.