Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Communication is more than just words. A piece from the HBO channel's, Real Sports , demonstrated that. Dick Hoyt and his mute son, Rich, competed in marathons and swims. He communicates via his heart and his emotions. Words and ideas held captive within his body, they emerge with heart-felt emotion. The same thing can be said of infants growing up. for the first few months, a wealth of seeds are being sown-allowing for in depth communication and insight. Sometimes with the handicap of a Rich Hoyt, a beautiful connection forms between father and son that words are not always necessary. As in the christian tradition, there is a phrase, "pray and use words only when necessary. Alot of language comes from the heart.
And for those who can not communicate like everyone else, it is a way that God's design is an emblem of glory in people's lives. Yet, it is rather painful to observe those who struggle to communicate as I have observed. But to get close to their heart, one can see a treasure is encased within.

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