Monday, September 29, 2008

The warmth against my back.

Today I felt the sun against my back and felt a droplet or two of water on my head fall from overhead.
I spent today on the bus through my long 4 and a half hour retreat reading a treat of a book written by Sue Monk Kidd. The book is God's Joyful Surprise. It was a good book to get a glimpse of how someone gains intimacy with God.

When I walked to my office from the bus stop, I looked around me and saw the blue sky and green trees with their leaves still on them surrounding our corporate campus of one white building. I heard the sounds of the birds singing. And I enjoyed walking jacektless to work. Yet, when I arrived, some of my coworkers complained of the humidity and the lack of coolness to kill germs around them..

But to me, it was a part of the retreat that I made to not stick my nose into the news and instead to focus on the spiritual side instead. Now, I just have to apply what I learned and let God speak to me.

It was a day to be surrounded by nature and to enjoy a dvd of the Planet Earth series on the role of water on our planet. The second time viewing it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New york out of the playoffs

To the Brink New York City went to the playoffs. They were a few outs away from a possible entrance and their entry to playoffs was dismissed. to await another 365 days to a possible entrance again.

Moses had the same circumstance of almost being allowed to enter the promised land. But Moses failed to enter the promised land and had to endure 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. Yikes.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Five Weeks left til NANOWRIMO

While it is only about 5 weeks til the election season's completion, for me I am going for another marathon of 50 thousand words. I am not sure what the race's course will look like. But I am looking forward to it. Just have to figure it out between now and the beginning of the gun's sound at 12;00 midnight on November 1st!!!!!

Yes, speaking of marathons requires rigorous training. To keep the mind sharp and have words constantly flowing from the pipes and neurons of the brain. To keep my mind sharp and constant contact with the images and senses and scenes of the world.

For those who do not know this insane race,it pits writers from around the world who go for the literary gold. To place in the goal posts and the nets a sense of victory. Of wild catches that get caught to win ball games.

So Here I go to win that gold. Even in the midst of the presidential race and a race to correct Wall Street.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Looking to the impossible

Back to the theme of handicaps and limitations. All too often I look at my own limitations in my life. I see a huge wall and think , oh this can not be done, Scott. Then I look at God has done-being apart from time and space yet very directly connected to it and involved through the lives of others. His direct communication with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. And his communication with Moses as Moses got the 10 commandments -the first and the second draft. Oh, even the drafters of the constitution probably had one or two rewrites before writing it on their parchment.

God even went to great odds to somehow impregnate Mary -something that a great magician such as David Copperfield could not even do.
Yet this brings me back to this vein of thought that God can do anything as I have seen in my own life. When I first began and have shared in spaces on this blog and in my story of life, God took a little infant who could not walk, talk, or even sit up on his own and placed him into a family of loving parents. Not a perfect family. A family with many flaws like many in this world. Yet, what God did was create a miracle. To grow up a man who helps others and reaches out. Even those this man writing has troubles reaching out at times. Needing times to just rest and chill out. Yet, I look to Jesus who was made perfect , yet had a few traits of humanity such as the need to rest and got restored again.

A close friend has said many times that I should be a minister. Yet, I often look at that potential calling as one where there are many obstacles that I could never reach.. Yet, Lord if you brought life out of nothing in creation and even made your Son through nonconventional means in a conventional process, it comes down to a matter of trust. I just need to trust you to make it happen.

So Lord, I dedicate the rest of my life to somehow being a more effective minister of the Gospel so I can uplift those who are hurting. Even without a title of Rev. For you call your pilgrims to be servants. To do the simple acts of service to a world that is so hurting. That its tears have stained its surface and also reach your ears and heart as well.

May the Glory be to God!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Black and White and Orange

Tabby cats are halloween in color and in nature too. We had a calico cat when I was real young and Twinkie as we called her disappeared one morning and never came back to us.

Later on in my life, I had a black and white tabby cat and his name was Tigger. He ran through the house at lickety lick split speed and I enjoyed watching him romp through the house.
I had a piece of rope with a little knot at the end, and as I swayed it around over Tigger's head, he would bat it at. Reaching his paws up in the air and jumping to get a grasp of it.

And as I touched the end of the rope when he was done playing with it, it wore his moisture from the licking of the rope

And speaking of the animal kingdom, I made a comment at work to our warehouse manager at work of how his kingdom was doing. then John responded to me, "do you mean you are calling us animals. I said, "not that kind of kingdom, men. I meant a realm. "

A final note of good news. As I was leaving the laundry room, I caught the sock monster as I saw my red sock sitting in the washing machine wet.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pebbles across the Pond

pebbles floating across the pond. My cousin Bruce and I one summer in Maine walked to the North Beach my parent's rented cottage and we skipped rocks amidst the private cove.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reaching out to a new era of Hope

This marks the seventh year of our nations thrust onto the world stage with a conflict thrown at us to our front door. to a horror heard on the airwaves, seen on the street corner and heard within the cries of the human heart.

09 11 are two non-consecutive numbers that have struck at our soul. To have a day universally known to all.

Not all were so lucky. but my family was with my cousin and his company getting out alive and the chance to run the marathon home-of which he won. He established his family with his wife with two healthy children.

a remembrance of mine is when I headed back to the bus station from a visit to Boston. My cousin Izzy played a video of her playing the piano singing they are singing our song with the inscribed date of 09-11-01 on the phone. That interplay still causes me to think. Hard to figure out the whole meaning of why such a tragedy would strike us at all.

Yet, we are a high profile country.

But no matter where one stands, May God bless this country and all of our work.