Saturday, August 07, 2004

my 21st High school reunion

I am heading off to my 21st year high school reunion from 1983. It does not seem possible that over 25 years ago, I started my high schoool adventure, but it will be good to reconnect with old friends and see how their lives have changed. I will probably not recognize some of them since it has been 11 years since I last saw some of them, but it will be good anyway.
The night at Riverview Manor in Norwalk was good-being able to see my old classmates and see how they have changed over the years. It is kind of hard to see how people change with one or two sound bytes, but it connects me to the past. There was 1980's music playing along with the favorite slide show of the students at the time. Definitely a different era back then when I was a teenager. But it was good to go back momentarily anyway.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

In the Corner

In one of our fellowship discussions at church, we talked on how loneliness and isolation can affect our lives. It is important to be connected to each other and to have meaningful relationships in our lives. That way we will be on the straight and narrow path that Christ talks about during his life on earth and we will make the right decisions for ourselves.
Loneliness is an easy emotion that can pop up when we least expect it. It can even occur after being with a group of people for an entire day. The withdrawal from people can sometimes be intense, but our leaning upon God is critical, especially since He states "My yoke is easy and my burden is light." That then is the secret of how we can overcome the loneliness and be connected to each other as Jesus states, "you are the branches and I am the vine."
Now that is an effective way to live, but it is often hard to live out.