Sunday, December 16, 2007

the occasional snow.

Today we had the occasional snowflake that fell in front of the hexagonal floor to ceiling windows of our sanctuary this morning. We had mostly ice and rain today. Not as much snow as was predicted which at least did not affect the christmas program for the evening.
Last night at our christmas concert, some attendees went in prior to when the doors were officially opened. They pre-boarded ahead of time. And we allowed them in even without their reservation ticket. But hopefully as with all church events, people found the real meaning of the season of the birth of the babe in the manger and that they realized the reality of Christ having paid for their sins. Hopefully, the right reservation agents were there to explain the Gospel well enough to those who sought Him that night. ├ůs in Noah's day, when the boat doors closed, people were out of luck with the flood. And the same holds true when people have to face God and he asks them, "What did you do with my son, Jesus."

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The aroma of soap

I broke open the double pack of the Dove beauty soap bars that I bought as a promo for a $7 off my next shopping excursion of stop and shop. And poured out the last of the liquid detergents that I had. So now it is time to replenish the laundry detergent and continue to domesticate myself with the chores midway through the cleaning cycles of my maids.
My maids are Merry and it is always good to come home on a monday morning after a long day of work and to have clean surfaces for which to put more stuff on. And to smell the aroma and scents from their cleaning that sometimes gets left behind in the air in the process.
One cleaning that I need to take advantage of more is in the arena of prayer where I could do much better in bringing myself closer to Jesus. It is just a matter of opening the celophane of my heart into his and then the fragrant aroma of the herbs that the three wise men brought to Jesus for his gifts could enter into His life. And just like the woman who broke the alabaster jar over Jesus's head to prepare and anoint Him for his rough walk to the cross. And just like the fragrant scent of the lilies at easter and the pointsettas at Christmastime. All a reflector and reminder for the senses of the profound mysteries of the cycles of life and death around us.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Between the sounds of crunches and carillons

Today we got a little less snow than predicted, but with plenty of ice and snow mixed in. It is enchanting to walk within the snow for several minutes seeing the snowflakes dance diagonally and fall with their reflection hitting the surface below. Almost like that of water ballet artists.
Church bells could be heard ringing in the distance for the 5:30 mass and I had the privelege of hearing it since I came home a little earlier than usual with an early dismissal from work. The sound of the bells was comforting along with the gentle guidance from a passenger who helped get me off the bus and next to the fence for the walk down the street.

So to a good head start to a white merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Jesus meets Santa

Imagine the line.
In front are hundreds of children lined up
waiting for their chance to pay their annual visit to Saint Nick.
Children clinging to their mothers hands.
Dressed in their red and green outfits

with sugar plums dancing in their heads.

In their midst is a humble man,dressed in Gap Blue jeans.
long told of by sages of his time. Of the forecasters of CNN and the nightly weather shows.

The line was fast approaching the royal throne, elaborately upholstered, with the sides enamored and layered with red and gold bunting trim.
This humble man looked around and up at this festivity. Wondering who was this for.

He looked in front of the line. Paused. Saw the sign and the cash register. $29.95 for your own picture with Saint Nick. Humble man got out his wallet and dug around for his ID. "Sorry, sir, I must have left it at home." The cashier said," we must have an ID. Do you have any for us"
The line was growing behind him. He looked back and He heard some shouts in the crowd.
"Hey, mister, my child is sick. She needs a doctor." Humble man turned around and saw her in the crowd. The cashier listened to the music in the background resounding,"Peace on earth, good will toward men. Rejoice. Jingle Bells?

As the man approached Santa's throne, he looked at it. Dressed in red and green and gold. Red upholstery. He laughed out loud, "Merry Christmas, my dear child. What is your wish, my lad? " This humble man looked at Santa and said, "did you see my throne?" He continued,"I gave up mine several years ago to aid your fellow elves"
Santa looked puzzled. He chuckled, "my fellow elves, whom?"
Humble man said, "Look, have you not heard the christmas story. Of these angels that we have heard on high. With their wings unfurled. Of the star above the evening sky
looking down on the pilgrims traveling from afar.
Announcing the birth of the babe in a manger.
The ringing of bells from sleighs.
Santa, interrupts, "Oh, yeah, the bells, the presents that my elves have made for these dear children of mine."
Humble man said excitedly, "Oh no, don't you know who I am. Have you not seen me in your mail box each December. And have you not seen me in the hearts of these children. I am the Claus of forever. And I am who I am.
The word erupting into creation. Popcorn popping in the vendors carts.
Of snowflakes unfolding from above.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my head

The weather between yesterday and today has ranged from snow to currently rain. It is very odd to go from one to another.
I do admit that it was rather nice to look at during the church service and sunday school. Yet, I wish that FedEx could have picked it up and brought it elsewhere. But then where would the winter spirit be. To celebrate Christ's coming now, At christmas, we almost need to see snow to get in the mood. So here is to a Great Merry Christmas as we celebrate the first week of advent. Peace, His servant, Scott

Saturday, December 01, 2007

First Fairfield winter words writers workshop

Today was the first Fairfield Writers words winter workshop. It was a good activity to do on a COLD winter day. I found out the coldness as I awaited for the bus at the end.
But inside the workshop, the mood and learning was warm. And enjoyable to see the level of enthusiasm of over 100 writers wanting to advance in the writen world. And to have a chance to meet other nanoers who took the November Novel challenge seriously and won or just gave it their best shot. And to share with others my life story and my goal to help those who are disadvantaged with their handicapped deal with it. And maybe in children's literature format. We will see where it goes.
Would welcome suggestions from the audience that knows me. too or the subject itself. Peace