Saturday, July 21, 2012

Creating ripples in a parched land

Take the plot of land that is out there.
Look at its weedy condition.
Its lack of moisture.
Its lack of warmth.
Build upon it.

Not houses of stone.
But houses of the heart.

In this land, we have experienced a rift
  A rift of hate
  A rift of violence.

Only the LORD can heal that rift, that divide
  that has kept sides apart to long!!

Take that watering can.
  Let the older generation teach the younger generation,
    as my dad did once in Arizona for his granddaughter.

Of how to be gentle and loving
   and caring.

It takes one person at a time to make those small

Only one pebble to be thrown into the pond,
   to fill the pool with so many ripples,
   waves and pellets of water dancing to
    the music of ones touch.

May the Lord bless our nation and our world with His enduring love.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finding Our Place in The World

Have you ever wandered through life and wondered where you are going?  I have spoken to some people lately and that is the question that they have asked me.  And it is the same one that I have  asked myself.

I see the trees and the view of all the trees is a little daunting.  It is hard to know how to proceed through the forest without tripping on the roots that pop out of the ground.

The search for the next chapter in one's life, whether it is a job or relationship or something else, is a lot like Finding Nemo.  Just as Nemo's family searched all over the ocean to find him, looking to the world is the same way. It is vast just as the sea is vast.  So many places to go, yet each place can seem just like the last bit of blue water that swirls around you.

Yet it is important to remember the distinct coral reef that Nemo may see and hear the sounds of the fish nearby. We need to do that as networkers to take a look at the connections that we have and make meaninful interactions with them. 

It has been a while since I have placed words to a screen for taking some of that time to think is hard.
I went to a workshop yesterday, Write Yourself Free, to learn how to write without having a critical mind at first. To place words on a page and then figure out how to structure them better.

Maybe that is the solution to finding work in the real world and figuring out what we are going to do when we grow up!!!