Sunday, September 08, 2013

Finding ones Direction in life

These days I am trying to figure out which direction I am to go in life.
I have been on a few detours as of late. Some parallel routes but still trying to find out the direct path from A to B of where I am to go.

I have been distant from these pages as I have been helping other people get to where they need to go, but I have somehow forgotten how to give myself direction.

All has been made clearer as I tried doing a couple of things in reverse such as trying to buckle my seat belt in reverse and approaching the wrong car in the parking lot. And feeding the dollar bill in reverse for a can of iced tea.

And leaving the latch off the door.

Life sometimes gets a little scary and uncertain but that is where the role of faith comes in.
A road map and the mapquest did not fall into my hands when I woke up to give me the step by step directions for this day.
But I could have been given a blueprint with a few nudges on it if I just spent a few minutes and prayed for the direction of my day.
Then maybe some destinations will become a little clearer for me.

I do have some destinations being marked out such as the letter to the editor for the Disability Awareness Employment Month for the paper and an analysis of how our church  can be more friendly to those who are trying to get in its doors.  To think from the other side.

I have been told in multiple seminars of how to think like a hiring manager.  Maybe I need to learn how to think like the person with an increased passion needs to have to do what has been gifted to me by my God.

I don't know if any of you feel this way. If you have found lessons along the way that can be of help to you, I am welcome to receive thoughts and reflections back on your journeys as well.