Wednesday, July 25, 2007

a five bus morning

Today, nothing worked perfect. I got on my morning bus #11 and that was fine. but upon entering the terminal and hopping on my coastal link, the bus would not start well. so we had to wait for the next one twenty minutes later. Then when we almost were at the Milford Mall, a very talkative lady passenger got off the bus and fell in a small hole twisting her ankle and hurting her back. She complained for the whole time. Of course, we had to wait for the next scheduled coastal link to get to the mall.

No time this morning to stop at the store or to the Panera bread from the delays i experienced on the bus lines. And I forgot to pack my lunch so it was chip feast for lunch. What a day and to be Christmas in July also.

Passengers really should not make comments toward others even if they are not liked. but that is how life is. and being on public transit is definitely an adventure. As Greyhound says, leave the driving to us and I can also add the troubles and aggravations as well. I just have to watch and experience them as well.
And it makes definite good conversations with the operators of the bus lines as well. ├ůs I told Ken this evening, I could definitely write a tale on the adventures of my time commuting. It takes up a good lion share of my time.

Monday, July 23, 2007

not my job

I gathered with two other christian friends who I have spent many a monday night over the past 7 years. We listened to the adventures and struggles that one of my friends is having. When he gave me my ride home from our meeting, I said there are 6 billion of these people who have personal struggles with addictions of one kind or another and God cares about each one of us. I said, " I am sure glad that I don't have that job. i would not want that." Yet, I am sure glad that God appointed Jesus and the prophets beforehand to do that job. And He allows us the privelege of praying and intervening for 6 out of the 6 billion that we represent through prayer.
Glad that I went to shelton to gather with 2 others. It showed me that my struggles are minor in comparison , but they are still important nonetheless. And to have an impact through praying for my friend's family and someday maybe meeting them in heaven and being told by Jesus," Scott, well done good and faithful servant, now you may enter your rest." Lord, help me to recognize that I will get my rest when I have done my service to you and allow me to be more available to others and see with Jesus's eyes and be His hands and feet. And to be a willing ambassador for Him.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

smoothly sailing through time

Smoothly sailing through life-in the boat of life.
Facing its challenges as the sails rotate back and forth.

As the sails billow and flutter back and forth in the wind.
Clanging against the masts
echoing back and forth a reply to be heard.
Moving the boat back and forth-
onward and upward over the cresting waves.

Surf and spum spread over the transom of the boat-
to become a sticky and chalky substance to the touch.

Gliding through the waters
slowly and gently
passing by floating driftwood, silent lobster pots and clanging bell-buoys.
replying back to the rustle of the wind over the waves and being in harmony with nature herself.

The Pencil Sharpener

An oval-shaped pencil sharpener clings to the bookshelf by the wall of the Osborn Hill Elementary school. It is attached to the wall loosely by two small screws as it swivels to one side or the other hanging by a thread. It has a silver cylindrical shape and gahers up the red wood shavings of the blackfoot #2 pencil. The freshly ground scent lingers briefly for awhile.
Revving back and forth, shrinking the pencils so that their ends are nice and sharp. Yet even with all of this grinding of the wood, it does not always produce a stable point. At times, it is rough and ragged. As are many ideas that float in my head=only to be honed through the grit of experience and the persistence of time.

Patiently awating a line of feet and eager voices as they get ready for their daily assignment in their blue books for the latest quiz that is being handed out by their teacher.

Unfolding of mystery

Recently, there has been a lot of hoopla and fanfare over the release of the Harry Potter book #7. While I have not read any of J.K. Rowling's works, I have some exposure to the phenomenon from having seen one of the books in a movie and my niece, Abby, has written a follow up to some of Harry's adventures from the perspective of an eight-year old child.

When I went to the Borders bookstore in Milford, one of the staff was dresssed in garb for their evening party. The release at midnight for each of the books provides a celebration for the children in our world. To unite many different cultures together to get them on a common theme and to bring them into the world of reading=now that is a good thing. It almost serves and acts in the same way as the NEA has done for adults and teens in their initiative of the Big Read which has brought people together to read a common book such as To Kill A Mockingbird for 2007 and discover the common threads among words.

One praise that I have for this kind of novel is that it provides children an exposure to common themes of life such as death and how to handle adversity.
And I have noticed some price wars on the prices for this tome=at Shaws,it is $20.99 while Stop and Shop is $24.99.

The common theme of good and evil in the book runs through literature from The Tolkien trilogy, to the books in the Bible and through modern poetry.
Even though I did not have extensive knowledge or exposure through Harry Potter, I just wanted to bring my voice to the table as this discussion unfolds in the future with others.
Peace to the reader in our times of trial and the fight for good and evil.

Saturday, July 14, 2007



I confess God that sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my conventional and limited mind around how you created the world in 6 days. you may have had a little more than a tradtional 24 hours to do so and you probably had a tad of assitance from the angel corps that you worked with. Yet, I see the way that you have done it.

Our small and fatihful men's group on mondays, aka the mad scientists of VBS, is studying a DVD series on creationism. It is amazing the details that went into the planning of the universe and how it is sustained so well. yet when I look at trees, plants, or animals, each one is created through the interaction of seeds of varying sizes. But it is you God who established the pattern for it to occur. I can not fathom how it was done, but I am grateful that you did it so well.

In our 8am Heaven class at Trinity Baptist in Fairfield, we are learning that God is preparing a place for us. If God has done such a good job preparing the world for us to enjoy in 2007, heaven will be a more marvelous place. In Mercy Me's song, I can only imagine, the lyricst is saying, He can only imagine what it will be like and how will he respond to Jesus, God's own son.

I am grateful God that you can be omnipresent and able to do many things at once. I only wish I could have a little of those powers. Yet, if I did have those like Bruce Almighty found out, life would be slightly overwhelming. I am glad that you have created this world in the way that you did.
Since my cloning machine failed and could not be in 3 places at the same time, I decided to forego two events and focus on just one. In that way, I was able to coordinate my friend, Gary Davis, to go to the coffee house at church and allow him to experience God's love.
Through the humor of a little child, Cynthia, thought that I was the grandpa to the kids of our choir director. Yet, it is good to see how God's humor affects the little children of our day and how God can use the same last names to confuse some and to bless others as well.

So thanks Lord, for allowing the cloning machine to conk out. And help those who read this not to be frustrated when they try to or desire to be omnipresent. Just won't work at all!!!!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A tad better tadpole

This little tadpole did a little better job in his sleep last night even with a lengthy mid day nap. seems to be balancing out the sleeplessness.

Monday, July 02, 2007

trouble in slumberland

Mr. Rip Van Winkle here is having a tad trouble conking out since he already conked out off and on during the afternoon and evening. Yikes.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Let the second half begin

It is now past half time and past the festivities. Let us consider how we can run the race to finish it.
Having just come off a busy May and June with retreat preparation and participation, a 20th reunion and a week with the little children of our church, I see a little less ahead. yet, leadership in whatever is critical to make a difference.