Sunday, March 20, 2005

Happy Palm Sunday

Today marks the start of the Holy Week season when Jesus came through the streets of Jerusalem on the back of the donkey. It awaited him to use , a donkey reserved just for his use. The streets were crowded back then as the Jews lined the streets acclaiming Hosanna on the Highest. It was a pep rally atmosphere- almost like that of a sports team having won the national championship. Yet, these people spoke and cried out of the emotion of the moment. Only 6 days later, Jesus walked through those same streets with words in his memory of "Crucify Him."
This does not mark the best week in the life of Jesus in that it must have been very painful and horrific. But when Jesus arose from the tomb on Easter Morning, throngs were not around then. There were only a few faithful. Then the movement of Christianity would begin to flourish as the early believers lived in close proximity to one another and shared all that they had. And at pentecost, The Holy Spirit began to live within the believers and His kingdom began to take shape.
Just remember, even in the times of today, sharp contrasts in our lives exist. One moment people can be celebrating a joyous time and then another season can come of woe and then even another can come of triumph and joy =all in the same week. May these words bless the reader.

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