Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Victory Chimes

Windjammers on the coast of Maine are a familiar sight during the summer. My parents and I watched the parade of windjammers from McCown Point in Boothbay Harbor one summer day with my Aunt Marion. She is very slender with a head full of silvery hair and deep furrows in her brow and wiry sunglasses on her head.
When we watched the parade of tall masted sailing boats, we ate a picnic lunch on the lawn. There were green picnic tables that lined the lawn. We ordered our hotdogs, onion rings, fries and slaw and iced tea from the Dusty Red Hot Dog stand. While my Aunt Marion was about to eat her hot dog, a pesky sea gull swooped down and grabbed her dog from the bun and took off with it. "Oh my, that gull got my hot dog" she said in disdain.
'those folks from boothbay Hrbor, you know. "
During this festival, many sailors got ready to board their boats to watch the festival from the sea. This is a version of a street parade in most towns-only this one is from the water. The port was teeming with the movement of sailors getting their boats ready for the day's sail.
When we watched from McCown point, we saw the ships from a distance going by with the sails fully-furled and passing by.
Several years later, my parents and I were on our motor boat, the Rascal W. and we saw the Victory Chimes from the water. We looked up and were awed at her majesty. We watched the crew unfurl the sails and get her ready to head out to sea for her next portion of her journey. The Victory Chimes rested upon the waters of the Harbor and the waves from the movement of the boats could be heard gently jostling against the boat.
Approximately, 10 years later, My Dad and Brother Randy and I took a four day cruise aboard the Victory Chimes in Penobscot Bay in Maine. Boarding an historic boat that I saw from several vantage points was exciting. On the boat, the floors were lined with small slats and the walls were lined with historic posters detailing the various ports which were visited and other maritime trivia.

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