Thursday, December 22, 2011

Feeling like an Acorn

There are those times when I just feel like an acorn. Times like these.
I do see the growth that is occurring within me. But as many have said recently in my job groups, the process of networking and personal growth takes so long!!!!

what I find amazing is that within that little acorn which has a compact octagonal shape is great storehouse of potential just ready to crack open and set down that first root and then from there grow a strong trunk and wide reaching boughs and onto those boughs form little arms with leaves sprouting from them. It can take 50 to 100 years to grow such a tree. All from a tiny acorn.

Lord, help me have the patience that I need to nurture my oak sapling and the other saplings that are in the forest of job or personal transformation. Let me water them with kind words and appreciative deeds so that a great canopy can cover us in this life.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Living in Advent

This is the time of year for the advent season. Churches celebrate advent for the 4 sundays prior to Christmas and then celebrate the fifth week on Christmas day or Christmas weekend.

As each candle is lit, we are being reminded of the importance of the four symbols that the wreath represents. The 4 four candles represent hope, peace, joy and love.
What a special way for us to remember this very special holiday for us as believers.
The warmth and the arrival of the aromas, flavors, and sounds of the season are very special and bring many people from all over the world together.

As we await for the Lord to come and whatever lens we look through this truth: from the Old Testament prophet or to the New Testament believer, may we approach Christmas day with that exciting anticipation.
As 2 Cor. 9:15 states, "Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift." In Him benefits spring forth from the eternal life that we are seeking.
Jesus has been called the light of the world. For one gentle flicker of his light and the sound of His Word transforms the depths of darkness into a spring of everlasting life.

From the first century wisemen that traveled from afar in the East to grant the new King Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Let us rejoice and be glad. That He has been given to us.
For that eternal life and that hope, joy, peace, and love often missing in our world.

Sustaining the weary voices and hearts of His visitors.
To stroll in that eternal dance of life.
Warmly embracing the King of Kings.

For just as God touched the shepherds, angels, and wisemen, let us do likewise on our advent journeys.

For Christmastime is more than a day to light candles, sing songs, and unwrap presents. It is a time to present our lives to Jesus and for Him to unwrap us as well.

Treasure it with your families.
Remember that God is with us!!

Let us celebrate the eternal life of our servant King.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Struggling to open that door to Jesus as in Rev. 3:20.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Does the tide fight life

When I look at the ebb and flow of our human relationships, I think back to the tide coming in from the ocean. The gentle flow of the ripples upon the waters approaches the shore and the water crests over.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The journey

Life begins with small steps. Mine began in such a way. Life has a series of wanderings with those first steps becoming giant ones. Some announced on the air with Neil Armstrong's first imprint on the moon and others subtle changes.
In our world, the first step is often the hardest. Some more difficult than others.
For me it was this way.

For I was wired in a unique manner, in that of a mystery to be entangled of how I was to operate in this world. For I was born with a portion of my brain not developed at birth and the self=starting mechanism was not there. A little more involved than replacing a spark plug on a car. For the human is a very complex person. But that stubborn spark did come to life and thus my personality and personhood was born. (anew)

For we all face handicaps and hardships in our lives, and what makes me unique to others is not really a matter of being different per se but created and designed for a purpose.

To give one a better view, glance back at the Christmas story told throughout the last two centuries.
We have Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. Mary is found to be pregnant with God's son.
For when Jesus was born, they had to flee to Egypt to avoid Herod and his gang. For hardship was facing Him and His family at that very moment. Making him very handicapoed by the surroundings and dependent on others for his well being.
Yet, the family did all they could by making the alternate route to Egypt.
And followed through with the various struggles with the temptation in the desert and other thwarts along the way. What kept Jesus on track was the knowledge of his identity.

My hardships while not like those of our King were still hardships. When I look back at my journey for these forty plus years, I have hit some mines that seemed steep to climb up and down. But each of these has made me stronger as I will illustrate. And helped me to form my identity as well.

When I was born, I had arrested hydrocephalus and a series of defects that made it harder for me to learn and grow. Yet, these did not stop me at all. I kept moving forward and did not give in for a moment. I learned through speech therapy in the phonetic approach where I dissected the way words were constructed and became in love with the English language and learning.

For I can understand the hardships that one can face in life and I am not afraid to take on the challenges that it does offer. These indeed have made me stronger. As that saying goes, what does not kill me will indeed make me stronger!!

In our lives, it is always important to have moments of recess in our lives where we can reflect and think on what our lives have to offer. It is important to slow down and savor what life has to offer. Just as a great sauce takes a long time to flavor or a great hot dog to become crisp and tasty, so it is with life.

Maine has been such a place to me as I have gone to the edge of the Shore as many famous people such as Rachel Carson have done to reflect on what is important in life. Maine has been a sanctuary for me in that I have been able to recharge my batteries so I am not so taken aback from what has assaulted me through this life.

For this is what the apostle Peter had happen to him when he faced a crossroads in his life as he was about to go fishing yet Jesus invited him back to a hot cooked buffet of fish for breakfast and an assurance that his love has never left at all.

And what has indeed happened that Christmas morning when the shepherds and angels announced his birth. A new and welcome beginning. Let us remember that we have those new starts all the time. Let us look at the wow factor.

When I look back on my journey through this life, I have these wow moments as I describe some of what I have been through. For I can say, I actually have lived this or that scenario in my life. Especially as I have shared my journeys of three consecutive buses and a brief 5 to 25 minute hike to get to some of my destinations.
We all need to do this for we all have those wow moments in our lives.

We are heroes who can celebrate life.
When I was recently at the grand opening of the Easter Seals Autsim and Developmentally delayed center in Stamford, I recalled to those there that I was a poster child for the agency some 46 years ago. I overcame a lot and I applauded the heroes of the caregivers and parents and clients in the room who have done the very same theme.
When we realize how far we have overcome, we can indeed reach out to others and not be ashamed of what we have actually accomplished. It is actually a miracle as we take the small steps which are actually giant leaps for mankind. For as we branch out of our comfort zone, we are actually building bridges into one another's lives.
That is key and essential. That is the value of transparency to our souls so we don't become stagnant at all.

Now stand up and take pride in how we all are making those advances for mankind and watch for those who are following close behind you in this journey called life.
Live it to the fullest.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Advent Path

Walk with me through the woods of time.
The forest of those trees of which we can cling to and enjoy their presence.
From which presidential palaces are built
And mangers made of wood
to House royalty
awaited from dawn.

Not recognized
Yet revered from afar.

May we take those gentle steps towards
the manger land.
that path which our hearts direct.

Blessings as we are drawn to one another!!

Happy Advent!! to the Advent..ure of it all!!