Saturday, June 19, 2010

A wren's breath!!!

What a glorious thought to see the birds of the air taking flight and birth. Of the breath of a wren and the brief momentary flutter when he leaves the soft confines of his shell and wriggles his feathers forth into the world!!!

Hard to imagine what this bird thinks of this firm beak protruding from his face. this weird apendage at first.
Then he begins to move it and chirps. Awaiting instinctually a response from his mama to provide a morsel that she has lovingly gathered and prepared for him.

Had a dream this morning of walking into my apartment and finding someone preparing me a meal. A welcome thought. Does not happen much anymore since I am alone and only happens when I go home for family visits.

Yet when I reflect on God, He does prepare for us a meal each day. It is our job to just open up the Holy Scriptures and find some morsel of Truth inside to trust. just as it must feel for that little wren when he discovers the beak, that appendage in front of his face is so crucial to gather the morsels that mama is carrying inside her beak.

So let us raise our beaks to receive what the Father in Heaven through our Holy Spirit has to give us as well. For it is indeed good. Let us take time to relish it in that nest, that sanctuary, so when we take flight into the world for the day we will be strong and will be able to make music for those who want to listen.

Blessings to all who read this. Feel free to comment as well!!!