Monday, February 16, 2009

Sacred partnering
something that I have done for quite a while
off and on.
Tim Daiey walked by the woods with Nona, his loyal white guide dog.
Her stiff white hairs gentle to the touch.
moving her head swiftly side to side.
being graceful as she guided Tim through the world
being his eyes and feet for the world.
Having known them for only a brief three years at Fairfield U.

Having explored worlds of history, sociology and religion together.
with his fingers finding the tape recorder buttons,
gently finding each one.
Listening to him sing songs to God while on campus for others to hear.
to hear him cheer and root for his St. Louis Cardinals.
To then have Tim be escorted to the side of Jesus in Heaven,
hearing it while waiting for a winter retreat.
being taken in his prime
yet an example of a sacred partner to teach and learn from.
Being one of two special blind men that I met and learned from at University.

The sacred partner of gaining a christian brother, Gary
watching him grow through two full decades and now onto a third.
to see Gary grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus.
Lacking the keen intellect of a scholar but having the child=like heart of a follower of Christ.

Travel man having a thirst for travel through the world= to Hawaii, Nashville, Italy and Cancun.

Gary who hugs and calls and cares for his friends.
who reaches out and pats me on the arm and says, "I love you , brother."
being crowned through God's sense of humor,
coming from two distinct paths, yet united by the same last name.
Prompted from the loving benediction from Pastor Dave
being called into family and being affirmed by God's love brought up close.
My life is like that of the ocean.
It is beautiful,
yet dangerous
yet full of mystery
who can fathom where its drops of froth will
intersecting it on the water's edge through the motor boat.

Viewing it from atop a rock cliff
seeing it from the porch window
Hearing it from the water's edge.
Watching birds interact with it- coming close and being married to it.

Myself being married to it for thirty-two years.
Being the groom to this bride of beauty.
being loyal to it through the seasons.
keeping a keen eye to its beauty and ever changing faces.
yet the constancy of the view she provides
providing an affection for the soul for years to come-
of her having the perfect gown tailored well for her.
And for my tux- of having family be near as I
have been on my adventure with her through the years
constantly falling in love with her.
Forever walking the aisle with her.

My life is like an Ocean

My life is like the ocean of Maine. I go with the flow whenever a challenge is faced. i take on the challenges of the day and look forward to how they are going to make me a better person.

Waves of the ocean splash through the jagged rocks. Salt-laden spume flying everywhere. Sometimes I am unstable as the waves crash with great force but then at times am fairly stable after all.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Storing up prayers in Heaven.

Lord, Help me to store up some prayers to be forwarded to heaven. I read once of a man who went to heaven and was given a tour of his portion of the warehouse. On the tour, Jesus showed him of how he did not have stuff stored in heaven. I need to realize that I need to send prayers each day to God and they may be stored in His warehouse up there. It would be great to open up : time capsules" with some of the days of my life and see how my prayers and God and His angels and people have affected the history of mankind. Of me, this humble speck on earth, whom God intends to do great things through can impact others.

I look forward to the day when one of God's angels moves hi-lo truck to the warehouse bin and pulls down from a pallet the crate of scott's prayers and how they have changed the world when down on earth. I hope that bin is not empty or is not filled with regrets for not spending time with Jesus or His people.

These prayers remind me of the time I have been in Maine gift shops that sell the Maine Air in a bottle. Never bought that product, but once it gets opened the air is gone. That $2 value is lost once the cap gets opened. Yet when our prayer time capsules are opened they will bless others in heaven and ourselves as saints when we get there.

Lord, let me have the time and opportunity to share with others how new life in you is going and to have a full aisle showing off how great you are in my life. Since the theme of our church this year is God's people bring God Joy!!!!

Smile for Jesus. And a happy valentines day to you, Lord and to those who are reading this also!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What were ya thinking God???

Hello God. What were you thinking when you made man. He has messed up a little since you made him. How did you actually make Jesus. That is what I want to know. I have a pretty good idea of how you made me me. A few details are a bit of a mystery though.
But how you crafted Jesus, that has been a mystery I have been pondering on my own and tossing around with my friends. If you have the answer, pop on into the facebook conversations.
Yet, you'd have to request a friend confirmation to do that. So, I will trust you to speak to me somehow to illuminate my mind. But I thank you God for the mystery. As facebook and apples must be a mystery to you.

Ever use a computer God?????

Monday, February 09, 2009

The joy of life

Life begins at the marathon
on an unroped course
releasing a flood of swimming sperm
zooming towards the throne room of the egg.
From the union of the exhausted sperm and egg, a new cell forms.
As a result of this special communion.

Bringing within it a combination of cells-each with blood circulating from within.
Being built from an architect
of which some say is a million miles away and some say as I do is
only as close as one's fingerprint.
At the heart of this new creation is a bundle of love. Being built through the generations.

In this architecture is the DNA, the jungle gym for our genes.

At the furnace of this new creation is the weaving together of the heart , full of red blood cells, that course through the arteries.

The heart bringing life and love to the hands and the feet. Feet that will dance and hands that will clap for joy. Feet and hands that will carry wounded men full of blood and those that will hold and cherish the newborn babe that will change the world.

All the while this gift is being weaved through the womb and the secret garden of the mother.
The umbilical cord tied to the mom. Swaying through the lush forest. Of sounds swooshing past the fetus's ears.

Just as the surf slurps through the scrumptious seaweed,
splashing up over the rocks.
Creating a magnificent spray of spume to the sky,
nature's form of worship to God. In its creation of the rainbow of blue and green over striated rocks.

That communion of the dad gathered at the foot of mother. Family and friends gathered next door.
Waiting for Word of the silent and joyous gathering of birth,
nine months in the making.

Oh how life is sacred and how partnering of souls brings forth life-
to start anew and to renew and celebrate the course of life throughout the generations.

Getting ready to jump for joy in the jungle gym of life.

This heart beats its drum
gently sending ripples of oxygen to a network of capillaries reaching the farthest points from the heart.