Saturday, January 08, 2005

Abraham believes God

In life, believing in the impossible is a difficult thing for me to do. In reading scripture today, Abraham is faced with similar difficulties. Here God has made him a promise to provide him with a son with his wife, Sarah. Yet, they are way past the normal child-bearing years. Yet, this was a precursor to one of the challenges that God would be placing in his path after Isaac is born and is asked to sacrifice him. God interacts with Abraham and brings him to the night sky and asks him to look up. The essense of stars, grains of sand and even dust in scripture point to the endless possiblities that God has for us and the connections that they can lead to.
Belief for him didn't come easy and by having his wife agree to have him sleep with their servant, it caused a conflict in history. But, God can use different groups of people to get his plan accomplished.

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