Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Life is a series of random waves in a pool that are interconnected to one another in a mosaic of purpose that is determined later on in life.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

My Love to Write

Oh How I have been reminded of how I love to write. Often I neglect this love for the mundane things of the world to read of what others have written of it and yet fail to take a fresh look at my world to paint my response I have to it with pen and ink on a sheet of paper or by keys at the computer to make music to my words.

I was interviewed once by the paper of why I attended my local writing workshop in Bridgeport and I said that I love to write. That is what the reporter quoted my saying. Yet looking back on my last few months, I have written a few pieces and have taken meaningless scribbles down on what I have seen and read. If only I cold connect those dots on a broader scale to make a masterpiece for others to see.

Just as in the show, StarTrek, the men and women of the Enterprise boldly went where no man went before. Just as in my words as composer to my life, I vow to go where no man may have gone or may have passed by without really looking as is sometimes the case.

Let us remember that it is the process of reflecting that is important and to keep the water flowing. Do not let the dam of doubt of ones importance block the flow of ideas. Let the ideas rush over the top of the waterfall with a crescendo that makes a bold sound and music in our lives.

I am ready, Maestro Lord to compose for you!!!

So I untie my boat and start to row with my two oarlocks in place. Not having the fear that one may break off along the Way.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Life as a fairy tale

How interesting it would be to tie our lives to a fairy tale and make it to a more modern one at that. Which is the fairytale to choose is the tough question. It was suggested at my last writing workshop by the facilitator yet I failed to give it full attention. What first comes to mind is that of Goldilocks and the three bears. Not that I would be Goldlilocks, but a combination of the three bears.
It can be tough to make a decision on what to do with ones free time in life. Especially in the area of how to schedule multiple hours on a saturday when in the past I used to define that day in the office for almost 6 years. I have grand plans for the day, yet I fail to accomplish much-frittering away on the computer or sitting in front of the television not always accomplishing a lot. It would be a great opportunity to be more proactive in what I do.
When it comes to the bears, there is the complaint by one that the porriage is not well enough done. Our lives are similiar to the bowl of porriage in that our days are filled with ingredients that are tenderized with boiling water. And at times oatmeal does not always have the right consistency. But persistence is needed with the oatmeal and the enjoyment can take on different levels of intensity.

And having to commute daily, I feel sometimes like Little Red Riding Hood going through the forest going to her Grandmother's house on a journey. I remember growing up as a child going to my grandmother's house several times a year after she became a widow. It was always good to see her be hospitable to my parents and myself and other family members. It gave me a window to what she must have been like as a parent raising 5 young children.
So as I reflect across the aisles of my buses, I see a reflection of how the lives of the commuters might be. We are all on that journey=looking forward to what will be behind the doors we open-whether it be family or commerce or relaxation.

Reflections are always welcome to my thoughts. Peace,scott

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Blessings on the eve of our conclusion of the missions festival in CT. Having heard an inspirational message on the importance of staying in prayer even when confined to difficulty, it is important for our hearts to open up to God and rely on Him for our strength in our struggles.

Passing it on

Today is a day of blessing others. I learned the importance of passing on scritpure from generation to generation.
In a puddle, a child places a pebble and then stands back and sees the ripples going out from the splash of the pebble into the pond. The echo effect of that toss is immediate. A legacy passed down in faith takes years and the impact is heard and enacted upon through the one who remmebered and the listeners. Indeed that is how the oral tradition of telling the Bible occurred long before the printing press and the written papyrus scrolls.
Last night on Book TV, there was an speech done by Alan Shepherd , the astronaut from the Gemini and Apollo space programs. He stated that when moon rock and dust come back to earth, they need to be preserved in cases with special nitrogen surrounding them. So in the same way the family acts as the environment through which stories are preserved and passed on to be a legacy to future generations.

I tag Len.

Friday, May 05, 2006

May I have my Din Din please

Four legged felines have been famous throughout history. There was Morris the Cat known for his commercials throughout the world, and the director's chair that he used to sit in.
In my corner of the world is the infamous cat, Lewis, who has been the talk of the town with the Avon Lady and many others getting angry at the cat. Maybe it was the order that didn't arrive from Avon that got him a little miffed and he sprang to action. Kind of hard to understand the mind of a cat. I had one once and Tigger was a lot of fun chasing rope and balls throughout the house. But we never had t.v and paper reporters with our cat.
Some reporter did try to have an interview with Lewis the Cat but words were absent-only perceptible with meows instead.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Aspirations

I would love there to be no discrimination or teasing of those who appear different from others.
  1. If there was only a way for people to recognize the beauty and potential that is within another and not to rip apart the person with ridicule.
  2. If there was a way to celebrate the victories and triumphs of those who struggle everyday on the front page of the news.
  3. If there was a way to encourage those we face who struggle and be the advocates during their struggles.
  4. In all of the above, I was blessed in having parents, educators and friends help me in the process.
    I FEAR for those in the beginning years of their education who can not find their way in life.
  5. I WISH that I could come alongside them and offer that helping hand as I received early on.
  6. I DREAM of the day that we will not be able to tell apart people based on their disability but upon their ability.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Breathe in-breathe out

It is the first of May already. The leaves have already formed on the trees. They are doing their breathing again as the chlorophyll fills up the leaves for the green pigment.

Let us all breathe in the newness of May and springttime. The very elements that nature is putting together for a glorious view is the same that I observe in the urban setting of the mall as stores are getting ready for new business.