Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Laughing along the minor points of life

When I went to use the two soap dispensers at the local library, there were quite empty. I then walked over to the purell sanitizing spray booth. I placed my hands underneath and awaited patiently for the shaving cream type foam to come gushing out. Instead, three seconds later, I had a moist squirt of liquid flying towards me. I laughed slightly and it provided further confirmation that I am not technically savvy to this new world out there.
Don't worry, I did not arrive from outer space looking to colonize the planet.

As I was at the job center today trying to tweak my resume for an online format via email, I realized that I will have to redo one of my resumes that is done in word so that it will work adequately. This way I can actually start entering the data into corporate human resource data bases so that they will actually consider me for employment.

I must confess that I am actually enjoying this free lance trial retirement that my friend Mary mentioned to me. But I will have pretty much graduated from the training courses that the department of labor has provided with me so far.

I went to a motivational workshop entitled , "Keeping Your Spirits Up." I actually am glad that I did since I did not want to be increasingly frustrated by the technology that bedevils me at times. I am an individual who more closely loves being able to express himself without having to be cornered into a box. When I was a student at Fairfield University or during my elementary and secondary education, I did not mind the assignments given on various topics since I was given some freedom to create within those realms.
It is good to have a box at times through which to structure our lives, but I love the feel of going back and forth on the keypad as the ideas in my mind race through my fingertips to the keyboard.
This is my form of magic and it is not in the form of a black hat in which a rabbit comes crawling out of with the waving of a wand.
Now if I can only create some form of magic with the wave of all that I have done for the past 13 weeks in the job search and to come up with a plan that will bring forth the right job at the right time.

May the reader be blessed with the wanderings of this unemployed man as he awaits for the arrival of some corporate space ship to take me on my next exciting adventure.