Friday, October 26, 2007

Those Sacred walls

Constructed out of wood and pulp.
Walls come in all sizes.
The wood and nails that bore Christ is of the same essense as what is within our church walls.
Thus making them sacred and holy.
Making something ordinary into something extraordinary.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Change. chump change. Loose coins in my pocket. And autumn and summer. These all conjure up images of change.

"Let me exchange these tickets for you for another and better opportunity,"says a civilized member of his cricket clan.
He continued, " I have better tickets up front for the orchestra for you to enjoy." The cricket flutters his wings and moves out of his chair that he has comfortably slouched in and hops on through the crowded aisle to avoid being squished. "Ah, ah, I finally made it down the aisle into the better seat. Those lights from the usher almost blinded me." Sitting into his new seat gave him a great chance to look at the strings section. Cricket thought to himself, "No wings up on stage, I wonder if they would have room for me." Looking up and seeing a giant distance almost looked like peering into a skyscraper. Yet, the only up and out would be a hop onto the stage. Thoughts vexed in and out of his mind. Can't get crushed. I will have to check with Meier next time to see if I can hop into the action.

Change in life can appear slow and tedious as if nothing ever is going to happen. Bridgeport recently opened its new intermodal transit center the weekend of Labor Day. As I took the bus on the way to work, I often looked at the center and said that is going to be a great place to have a bite before I got on the bus or when I get home at night. Yet when it opened, I found no concession stands in action. Yet what I found great was that I could flap my wings from bus to bus without being hemmed in by thirty people hurriedly passing me by to get theirs. I went right to my bus bay right next to where I left my #10 to go to the coastal link.
I love music and I heard gentle jazz music being played overheard at the terminal. I saw several employees dressed in their bright orange and yellow GBT shirts helpimg people to make their connections. At night, the lights are brightly lit and security is surrounding the center.
I will not miss the occassional turkey that I found in his tattered overcoat who made an occassional delusional sound as if he was a turkey or the errant fellow looking for a few dollars to get him on his way to Canada. And the DVD hucksters with their gym bags of freshly burnt DVDS are not at the new center any more. Gone are also the restless tiles that were broken with age and peeling paint. Part of the old character has been lost, but what has replaced it is wonderfully new and fresh and full of potential.

This newborn of the city has a little growth to do for it. I look up at its ceiling walls and see old paintings depicting the times when laborers worked in the factories with their use of tools in the coal furnaces. An old sign for one of the bus lines, C&R lines is shown on the ceiling.
Taped on the new elevators and stairways are signs that say "Don't enter". I look out at the walkways overhead and see them brightly lit yet no people crossing to and fro the train and bus stations. When first looking at the bus station, i thought I would have a harbor view if I went upstairs. I have not been able to see that yet.

Change takes time for our city. I look out at the city with a perspective of a child. I see lego building blocks with a picture on front of a city with great potential. I have a green board yet with some broken pieces. Yet looking up from part of its base at night, I see 15 story skyscrapers with lights on within its building blocks . I love seeing lit buildings at nights since they can appear so simple with definite structure and have a playful appearance of being able to snap a few pieces on. Rare within a lego set are the clear pieces. When I use to build with them, they were allways a hard piece to come by, yet that piece reflects the life of the set where action occurs behind the scenes of that small clear block.
Let's give our cricket some room and a chance to spread his wings. His chance to play in the orchestra may come soon. And a chance to govern it as well. Chirp on, Beethoven.