Sunday, November 26, 2006

Changes take time

This is the first post on the new apple. Unfortunately, a line appears down the screen. Not a a quick honeymoon with the machine as I thought. But it will not crash and give me a great pleasure with the use of the machine. Arrival of the machine on Nov. 25th, a month before Christmas. Not a perfect set up with having to return it but at least my former monster that crashed constantly is out of here!!!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Apple Week

This week I finally took the plunge into a barrel full of appples with the purchase of an imac intel computer that I have been debating for almost 3 years. I saw what I wanted and went for it!!!!!!
And I helped pare several apples for a church function which was a lot of fun and hard work. Yahoo to apple!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A symphony of peace

I went to the local Greater Bridgeport Symphony this night and the music of Romeo and Juliet. A play by Shakespeare with universal themes of love and hatred. Of failed relationships and also a way for different musicians to unite in language of notes and chords the expressions felt behind the participants.

Picking up a classical tape picked up almost 10 years ago , the music has the same elements that the symphony played- of a melody without words but one that crosses time well. So it is also with words that express thoughts of music whether in an ode or a short story or an article of a struggle of a team in sports.

So it is with Paws to Pause, a group that I am planning to start at my local church in Fairfield. It is a place where the music of our lives will unite us and give us a chance to make peace within ourselves and others. It is a place to be quiet and still and let God speak to us so we can somehow be HIs voice to others in a world that is often rushed to even hear him at all.

Corporate functions

Looking at my curled hand without glasses on this morning, I realized how intricate and unique our bodies are. When milling through life with our vision aids and our urgency to get from one appointment to another, we seldom appreciate the uniqueness that is displayed in the creation of the human form.
It is with our hands that most of the productivity in the country is created. When the first caveman in society was around he had to make his hammer and chisel from rocks and stones and then fashion tools out of wood. It is with those hands that he and his family would gather the food and wood for the fire. It is with those hands that he would protect his property as well.
Over time, mankind's hands have been with gentle force working on peace accords or have worked hard in anchoring boats to the docks after a days journey. Or by chopping veggies on a cutting board in preparation for a family meal. Thanks for those hands that have brought life to the world.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hubble's Eye Exam

This week I read in the news that the Hubble telescope is having an eye exam in 2008-its 4th. Over a 16 year history so far, that is not too bad. The cost for a visit to the opthomologist in the sky is a whopping $960 Million dollars. Almost a billion bucks. I love the astronomy program that Nasa sponsors that push what we see to an extreme. It is the perfect environment in the dark so dilating the eyes is much easier. Yet trying to thread tools through the telescope in outer speace and floating is much harder. I wonder where the eye chart is and where in the world the pictures of Rome would be to measure the strength of the prescription lenses. Yet, I could just see Mr. Hubble walking into Pearle Vision of the sky mall and asking where can I get this filled. It will just take a moment.
So let us gaze into the heavens and feel refreshed when the appointment is done in 2 years. So don't complain over a vist that is $200.00. Many fewere zeroes to account for.