Saturday, February 12, 2005

Super Duper Weenie

I opened the heavy white door of the Super Duper Weenie. Into a place out of the 60's. Almost like that of a diner or Norman Rockwell Scene.
I was so excited about this day being able to visit and become a regular at this place.
I was greeted by John with "Hello, Scooter, Glad to see you."
In front of me, 9 red bar stools rested on their silver bases. The red counter had plastic ketchup and mustard bottles along with salt and pepper shakers. Red lights hung from the ceiling on silver cords.
Behind the counter, lots of activity took place. The burgers and hotdogs were heard sizzling on the grill. It was time to make a decision as to what I should order as I glanced at the board for the selection of daily offerings. The board was white and had the choices written in magic marker. I made my selection: the Fairfield Philly Cheese Steak with onions!! And took my number.
I filled my plastic cup with the ice from ice bucket and the iced tea from the container marked sweetened. I made many a trip from my stool throughout the stay.
Beneath the stool, the flolor had white and black tiles in wide squares. A stablilizing and calming environment against the red and white counter and lights.
Gary Zemola, the owner, has a love for motorcycles and he always had some story to tell of his bike and his adventures. He wore a red and white bandana on his head and wore a t-shirt with a superhero figure wearing a cape with the words "super duper weenie"
I had many opportunities to listen to families and friends tell stories about their days and of the developments happening around town.
My sandwich was finally ready with it being wrapped up in the plastic and served gladly.
I dove into my sandwich and it flowed with swiss cheese and onions from the freshly sliced bun. Tasted terrific. As I ate, I used many napkins from the red dispenser with a clear shield.
I looked around the room and saw pictures of american culture-of diners and posters of the history of the hot dog and shows of broadway.
I enjoyed every minute of my respite here and regretted having to go back to work. I had to say goodbye and thanks to my friends who served me so well. They said, "Goodbye, Scooter. Have a good day. "
I walked back down the Bullard Hill and to the world of ringing phones, customers, and deadlines and a screaming Bob. My co-workers, Bob and Charlotte, knew I had onions. So, in a way, Super Duper Weenie invaded Schrier that day and I also invaded their world-a world flooded with good memories. I was always careful the next time to go back and order it "well cooked with onions" the next time.

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