Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hope in our troubled times

Five days have passed since the unthinkable has happened in the southern part of our country. It would be great if our nation would pull together and lay down their racial lines and prejudices and see that at the core of our humanity is a brotherhood and sisterhood that needs to cooperate and work together. It is at this core that we will have more peace on earth. The extremes of the heat and lack of needed supplies can create a real tension but with a cooperative spirit, our world can go much further.
I am reminded in the passages of scripture of several accounts of Jesus being surrounded by a large crowd of people who are hungry. A little boy in the crowd brings to Jesus some fish and loaves of bread so that the crowd can have something to eat. It would be great to see the world come together and give whatever they can to relief organizations to ease the suffering that the world is facing right now. That would be a great miracle if that could happen.

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