Friday, May 25, 2012

Get outside of our boxes

Thinking outside of the box.
That is what I have been told often in the world of the networking groups. I have been told of its importance.

That means having to get a box in the first place.
Or maybe we have already lived in the box.  That box may be a little crowded.
Or it can be a little dark and dank in there.

Oftentimes in the news, there are reports of cardboard cities that emerge.  Those shelters and homes which the poor live within. And sometimes students on campuses erect them to raise an awareness of an issue such as hunger.

Maybe such a city should exist in the networking world.  Places where the job seekers can go and be in these little sanctuaries of advice and well being.  They are places that I have benefited from getting advice and suggestions for improvement. Not always easy being told to have that better appearance or trim the nails a bit.  Advice received in the past but somehow blown out of my box and needing to come back within it.

So off to the world to face it with courage.  Something that even me with my optimism lack.
Fearing that knocking on a door may lead to change. But maybe change for the better.

And if I run into that box, I sure hope it comes with clearly identifiable instructions or else I will be totally befuddled as to what to do next!!!  And as I said, I have to think outside of that box.

Clearly a cunundrum but something that life in general requires.

Peace and a Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all who read this!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The world wrapped around your mind

One phrase that keeps popping up in my reading is the idea of the world wrapped around your mind.  For that to occur, the physical characteristics of the world would have to be broken.  Yes, I do agree that both the world and the head are round and spherical in shape. Yet both are very solid and both have a liquidity to them.
Yet one is able to wrap the intangibles around each other. Both the world, those in it, and the mind are shaped by ideas.  Those indeed can be wrapped around and into the individuals shaping them and impacting the world as a result.

The one thing  I can physically grasp is the creating of the wrap sandwich that one orders at a deli. The chef lays out the tortilla wrap on the counter and lays chicken, onions, cheese, tomatoes, olives and pickles and whatever else one wants to place in it.  Then he  folds it over and presses it in the grill and cuts it evenly into two halves.  Then one is able to sit down and eat the soothing texture of the vegetables, meat, bread and cheese.
Now that definitely wrapped physical elements while putting pressure on them and then gets digested into smaller pieces once eaten. Those same pieces that went into the creation of the sandwich.

So our thinking is a lot like that of making a wrap and getting it into our mind and wrapped within it is the process of digestion or understanding.

One will never look at a wrap in the same way again!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shedding our mortal skins!!

Shedding our skins.
Think of the potato skin that some discard but then there is the careful washing of the skins.  And the tastiness of the skin against the teeth and how it clings to the nicely baked potato within.
That is the good aspect of the skin.  And skin is always good on fruit and vegetables for it has added nutrients and value.

Now with us humans, skin has a little different value.
It definitely protects against the elements and has been termed as the largest organ in the body.
Now that is something to trump against the brain and against the heart. Those organs must be real envious that they have been demoted from the number one position.

Yet what skin does is it helps me to reflect on how snakes get to shed their skins and leave them behind in the dirt. Almost like what happens when one has a bruise or cut and new skin forms on top.  Once when that happened to me, I was amazed at the intricate weaving of new skin over that very spot of rupture.

Now for us as mere mortals, we are going to be shed our bodies which the Bible calls tents and we are going to be able to receive new incorruptible bodies from the Lord.

And it is fitting that the Holy Scriptures remind us to put off the old self and put on the new self.

And all this reflection came from the simple thought of how great it will be to shed our old self as we become more comfortable in our own skins.  And that confidence will create a nice glistening shine as we go out into the world and is something that the cosmetics industry will not be able to compete with!!

Peace to all my readers aspiring to live lives of a number 10 status~~ towards that of glory~~~

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jumping back into the writer's pool

Here I am in the blogging world.
Welcome to those who have not seen or heard of me yet. I have not always appeared on a regular basis.

I am great with inspiring others towards greatness in achieving their writing or speaking goals.

Enjoy the transition between the seasons of spring and summer coming soon with the spring about to be released.

There is still much blooming to do this late in the spring season. For creativity is eternal!!!

Scott R. Davis

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Awakening the Microcosm of the Universe.

You make my heart sing. Beat a new breath.
Or you make my heart smile.

Today, as I traveled through the rain soaked horizon and the rain beat down pretty hard, I looked into myself and sometimes dozed off into attempted slumber... to pass those moments of time. Letting them tick by without being involved in the game somehow.

This evening on poetry, I read that poets often took the ordinary items from life, that of a cup or a sweater or sweet kiss and elaborated on these elements in their work. As I did my dishes, I saw the piling up of the orange peel and the inedible celery stalk and heard the clanging of the dishes as I placed them in the drainer. The rush of the water going into the sink and the counter becoming order again from the pile of chaos prior.

Remembering me of one of my favorite words of this week, microcosm. That little world that we wrap around ourselves to be our only reality. For our sense of comfort.
Or To feel so out of touch with the outside world sometimes, like being within an inpenetrable bubble. Wanting to get out and get some fresh air but also liking the comfort of the world that we create inside that cocoon.

Almost the same way of sometimes feeling like a square peg trying to fit into a wrong hole. Especially trying to find that place to belong at again to find sustanence and value after being so long out of work.

But also a sense of freedom to listen and find value in what offer as I did today in a focus group on Diversity Works, a new program in Bridgeport to find work for those with handicaps and other problems. Able to give my input and agreement as to other shared problems. Making me feel valued and valuable.

This is all possible because of you, Jesus, who went and walked that path before me. Putting up with the problems of the world and offering the value to me and others.

And thanks to being able to look at and laugh at some photos of friends such as Phil and of the writings and musings of Christine and her family. And for pondering the life and times of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the Maine Poet, who shaped America as she came out of a turbulent adolescence into her adulthood.

For life is good, even if surrounded by some sleepless nights. Trying to find ones way back into the current of life where my heart can once again sing. And I can beat the new breath and my heart will smile at the world once again.

Here is my toast to life, friends, the journey ahead and to God's glory!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Ultimate Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a time for us to step back and thank our mom's for their sacrifices that they have made for our lives. As mothers have raised their children, they build into them a sense of community and sharing. Moms teach their children responsibility and how their children are to get along with others.

It is often a slow and steady process of sacrifice. Long nights and days spent in correcting the paths of their children.

Proverbs 31 paints for us a beautiful picture of how integral mothers are for their families. In Proverbs 31:15 it states, "She gets up while it is still night; she provides food for her family and portions for her female servants." In verse 21, she provides clothes for her children.

Others in her household look to her in respect as she teaches her family and watches what goes on in her household.

From a few of these examples from Proverbs 31, I view moms as central hubs in the family that guide and direct the lives of her offspring and her husband. Then they will carry out and spread this instruction and values learned to the community.

When I look at the example of Jesus in the world, the importance that He brought to His ministry was the result of the teachings and values that Mary and Joseph instilled in Him while He gained in wisdom and stature at home.

When I look in the Scriptures, an excellent example of motherhood is found in Mary. She took on many challenges that she faced from the moment she heard of the good news that she would be bearing and raising Jesus who would take away the sins of the world.

Mary was there from the moment the angel announced her selection as the Blessed Mother to the formative years of Jesus and through the ministry years of Jesus to the time she watched Him during His trial and crucifixion. And she was present on the first Easter Sunday when He was not found at the tomb.

What amazes me about Mary is that she was steadfast and courageous in her love despite the tough circumstances that faced her son, Jesus, throughout their lives.