Friday, June 12, 2009

A time of Sorrow.

Mortal sadness
turns to immortal gladness.

Times of sand
captured in a bottle
gently cascading upward in time.
leaving behind a murmur of a footprint on the soul's memory
the faint heartbeat
and then silence.

Deeply recessed and hidden from view.
No public memorial of sadness to share
Only an inner grief and turmoil

May the gentle wake of the waves caress along the shores of ones life.
Evening out the hurt in time.

Weaving in and out of time
hard to patch up the scars with needle and thread.
No need to ...yet.

Just to be silent and reflect on life. Life lost and life gained.

The soul-a bitter collection of herbs- of hopes dashed against the rocks of time.

yet Look to the sky above and see that God is good.
see the Heavens speak of His glory.

Hear and smell the spume of the seashore.

The waves washing along the coast in riplets, mourning the passing of life.

tears lacrimating
Life's flows- a product of life.

May days ahead reflect the emerald green of immortal gladness upon the shores of time.
washing amidst our deepest sorrows. of those mortal griefs we do indeed share.

May God's special angels be present
as candles get lit.
announcing and sharing in the little one's brief appearance on earth within the womb
touching our lives in ways not yet seen--
As guardians at the gates of time.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Marching to God's drumbeat!!!

Isaah 40:31 is a favorite passage of mine. The verse starts out with "but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength."
In that portion of the verse is a promise that even in despair or uncertainty, hope is a constant.

The verse goes on by saying, "they will soar on wings like eagles. It brings to mind a picture of rising above one's circumstances on earth. For no matter how low one goes, God will lift the person up and bring them to the right location-to be a little closer to God.

The verse continues by saying, "They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not be faint." This brings to mind the image of a marathon. This requires endurance.

And of stamina. For when we go through God's maze of life, we will end up on the winning side of life!!!

May the reader be blessed in the reading of this.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

the wading room

I know of several pregnant ladies and when I thought of the phrase, waiting room for the womb and then came up with an even greater one=that of a wading room. For that is what the infant to be is in for his or her 9 months. A room that is padded with smooth walls and plenty of room to do laps around the pool many times. And time to sleep and rest and get ready for the upcoming busy days of life.

Time to have all of his or her organs neatly knit together and to be wired with all the connections by the master electrician. For indeed the human body is an amazing gift that has been given by God.

And an author from the Jesus community blog suggested that the mind and body and spirit of man is a counterpart to the trinitarian nature of God which was enlightening.

His site is

blessings to those who read this!!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

The seeds planted.

Looking at the 65th anniversary of D-day, the young men and women who sacrificed their lives contributed to the freedom that we now experience. It is upon their blood that our lives rest upon. Having a country that is one and not divided by competing outside rulers.

It is hard to look at the country at times to see how divisive it is at times. But that is the beauty of this thing called democracy. We can have many people coming out at many different directions. Yet, it is the unifying thread of the blood and sacrifice of others. In my hometown of Bridgeport CT, they had the unveiling of the World War II memorial. It was surrounded with almost the same hype and excitement as that of the Extreme makeover team which has the audience scream in advance, "move that bus."

While there was no bus to move, the unveiling happened by one who designed the granite memorial who has seen 2 battles in Iraq and another gentleman in the armed forces. As the white canvas came off, the black granite, simple yet magnificent, came into view.

And this brings me into view the cross of Christ which represents the ultimate in the blood spilled for us. Of how Christ had to spill his blood for us to live. To give us a transfusion of life for which we are to breathe.

Those transfusions continue to flow inward as the church and the faith is built on the blood of the martyrs as a DVD stated. For the first seeds of the church indeed stand on the blood of the martyrs. Marked by the bravery of soul, whether defending the land of freedom or the bulwarks of faith for generations to come.

So thanks be to the foot soldiers who allowed these things to happen.

Happy D-Day to all!!!!!

Monday, June 01, 2009

setting sail

At church yesterday, there was a drama of a mother and daughter. The mom was frightened to leave the dock and set out to sea while the daughter was eager to begin her adventure out to sea.

The shoreline that I am comfortable with has many landscape features. I like being surrounded by my facebook account, my emails and my blogs that I read.

yet, sometimes I am afraid to get my apartment ready so I can have friends over to share a simple meal and myself and my God.

Help me God to untie my boat and get out in the world more and bring the world into mine so I can better embrace the lives of my dear friends and shed some of my heart onto them.

To make us all better people.