Thursday, January 06, 2005

Sleet amid the snow

I walked to the bus and my road to work as the sleet fell on the freshly laid snow. Sleet is a heavy rain that doesn't fall as rapidly as rain. But it is still messy. Cars and trucks throw the mixture in the direction of the grass with fragments of the liquid heading toward the curb. But there is something special about that first appearance of falling snow that makes the world a very special and magical place.
In scripture this day, I covered some of Revelation which is an apocolyptic book talking about the future of the world in imagery. The constant theme of the book is to pay attention to matters in life. In other parts of scripture, the writers warn to pay attention to obeying the laws of God and it will go well with you. And it can also pertain well to work, especially in the world of reviews. Having intention of doing better is not always enough. Still have to work on communication and organization. But the fact of seen progress seems to be enough to keep me on the team of employment. May God bless you.

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