Saturday, December 04, 2004

A better kind of board meeting

Riding past a local shopping complex, the gulls were gathering on top of the roof of a shopping complex. They were quite orderly and in line-patient for the business at hand. Only if modern organizations could have such unity and accomplishment. I have no clue what business that they must be discussing-but it may have to do with their survival; as to which yard has the best fish deal or the best place to take a vacation.
When birds get the word out on an excellent source of fish, they come flocking. My Dad and I once caught many fish off the Maine Coast. After showing them off to Mom, we decided to leave them on the front lawn. what a mistake. We had the local town of gulls make a visit and a ruckus. Only then did a neighboring cat, Marybelle, chase them off never to return again.
Other board meetings that have affected our family are of the local woodchuck association. After a couple of peaceful years of our Fairfield Garden experience, the woodchucks heard and smelled our excellent vegetable garden. No matter what we did we could not get those woodchucks out and eventually they became our guests to enjoy the food. Yet, these meetings were held in secret and no way could we know when they would make their unfriendly visits.
Oh the birds can enjoy their meeting since it does not affect me nor my family and friends. Just good to see some friendly interaction of the "natives"