Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Cow jumped over the moon

One summer evening in Maine, I looked forward to a BIG event. It was the eclipse of the moon by the sun. It was late at night when my parents went to bed and I thought I could spy on the activities of the solar system. I sat patiently looking out the tall picture window that led to the porch and meditated on the wonders of nature. I was expecting a huge bang or a big notice of the arrival of this eclipse. The moon slowly was being covered up in shadows and became darker by the minute. Finally the moon was completely covered by the sun.
I waited for a couple of hours -pacing quietly waiting for the moon to be uncovered. Nothing dramatic -just darkness. I went to bed later for a few hours of sleep-a little disappointed but having been given the chance to observe nature in action.
In the christian walk, the sun represents God and the moon represents sin. In God's way, He is very quiet in His cleansing of ourselves. There is no dramatic positioning of Himself in the midst of our lives. He came across as a gentle breeze to Elijah .
But God does come to us and eclipses our own lives to present us as holy to Himself. Not something that comes very easily, but it is something that is essential to the nature of discipleship.
In the end , I hope that when I look back on life, I will be grateful for those times of eclipse for I will know that God stayed up late long after I was asleep to make me more like Him.

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