Thursday, December 31, 2009

touching the hand and face of God

Many painters from Michaelangelo and others during the Renaissance have tried to represent the hands and face of God. I would love to be part of that reality now touching and being present with God in the every day. Just as Michaelangelo was laying below the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel or really a cathedral as I think about it.

What he expressed was a representation of what he saw in God. What are your thoughts on what God is like. I'd love to know.

For I do know that God has been experienced through the hearts of the writers in the Bible.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Joseph and Mary's commute

The christmas story has a very long commute in it with Mary and Joseph and Jesus having to travel through the desert.

For in my long commute, I have certain deadlines to meet; a 6:30 bus, a 6:50 bus and an 8:08 bus. Yet, with the family of Jesus they took a little longer to move around and not at a scheduled pace dictated by the department of mass transit.

For I learned that wisemen traveled two years. At first my worship pastor said two hours, and that is like my commute. But two years takes a little longer. And to look up and head towards a star and by faith even before that star arise. To head in a direction that God led them to.

And the three wisemen brought the right gifts along, not ones at deep discount or from standing in long lines, but ones that met Jesus's needs perfectly.

So merry Christmas to everyone and a good night of peace as well.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I watched parts of the movie, Evan Almighty. It gave me a cheer to see how a modern day senator becomes Noah as he listens to God even as he gets mocked in front of the assembly. at the end, the angel of the Lord or the Lord himself writes in the earth, ARK for acts of random kindness. In this movie, it showed how we need to stick together in the toughest of times to become a family. The angel even said that you have to learn how to do the dance of life.

I also shared in response to a friend saying life is humbug as I said " you need a bah in front of humbug. Yet, bah is what King David tended, that is sheep. And Jesus is the Great Shepherd, a descendant of King David. So, I saw Bah to whovever wants to respond that way to Him. And I am glad that I did not really mean bah since you brought me around to the real meaning of the Holiday of Jesus even if you are building some new constraints and parameters for me to walk in this faith journey.

Thank you Lord for giving me something to laugh at and to be in your household of faith.

And thanks for reconnecting me to a classmate through a simple response to someone's post. Lord, i only wish I could friend you and have you instant message me back. NOw that would be cool!!!!!!

But you left your messages already in the Word of God and in my Spirit. I just need to poke and prod through them more closely!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Mixing Bowl

Under the counters in my kitchen there are many mixing bowls that I rarely use. I have them stacked with the biggest one on the bottom and I nestle the others within it. Almost like nested dolls.

I was at the holiday concert of the Bridgeport Symphony and I heard the spiritual, He has got the whole world in His hands. As I offered up a small humble prayer for an individual I barely know, I realized that God mixes them up on our behalf. Through the use of the Holy Spirit collectively and separately as well. For He makes something beautiful out of them.
And when I look at our experiences on our earth, our earth looks like a mixing bowl. Just as I have watched dishes being prepared with mixing bowls and on rare occasions have used them myself, the heat of the oven shapes the raw material into something tasty.

Our experiences can be raw but in the heat of His love, He will shape it into something wonderful for people many years from now.
For He does have the earth as the mixing bowl in His hands
shaping and redirecting the world for our betterment.



Friday, December 11, 2009




three very unique words with a connection. to be explored later.

from Rick Warren and a friend starting up a local church at the Seaside in
Bridgeport next year.

Saturday, December 05, 2009


this is the season of advent. Or another way to put it...advent ur ous living. A time to begin anew the walk in faith and also to belong to it in community. When I reflect on the way that God brought about the holiday of Advent, He bore Jesus through Mary at the time of Easter, a time of springing forth and renewal of the earth. A time when seeds must die in order to be brought to life and then on Christmas, Jesus was born to the Blessed Mary to renew the cycle of life and death.

For this Christmas, it is a tough time being down to just mom and not dad. For dad has become part of the very basis of how he started- as dust returns to dust. Or as some movies put it, star dust, the stuff of wonders. That is what I would rather call it.

so I will get on my sled and take the adventure. Avoiding the trees and pushing from behind the sled with snow soaked gloves as I propel the sled forward. Getting some of the white wet snow clinging to my hands, already slightly numb from the deepening cold. Seeing the breath hang upon the winter air. Oh to be a kid again. But now I have the maturity to bless others and understand Him much more deeply. Or times to barely grasp the essence of God at all.

Peace and blessings to the reader. As you live out the advent season. Heading toward Lent as well. To this lent life from Him above.