Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Rah Rah at the political round table

Today is the famed time of the year with the state of the union. A big rally for the government for the hard work that was done and is to be done. And it is a time for the politicians to clap their hands and cheer with their hearts as an united chamber.
Imagine if the government could have those rallying cries during their work days with confetti flying all over the place so that our society could become the beneficiaries of the change that is required.
The goal for many in the chamber is to have a chance to have a personal moment with the president with a glance and handshake. In the arena of faith, we may not get the applause or the moment of a handshake in front of a world-audience.. But we have the eyes of God upon us and the cloud of witnesses cheering us on in the work that we do. Let us not forget that. May the reader be blessed with the reading of this.

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