Sunday, May 27, 2007

finding light through the shadows

A miracle is finding light within the shadows. Yet, I really denied myself a chance for that miracle to occur since I holed myself in my tower after the intereaction with my friends and stayed in it-hunkering down for the afternoon naps and walking through the desert of some loneliness. Oh, if I only opened up the shades of life and let the light come in and touch me. Then I could have become whole.
I appreciate the value of vulnerability and of small groups as promoted by my church. But I tend to enjoy being in isolation at times and not in direct contact with the world. I wish that could change. I guess it will take some time for that to occur and for me to be willing to be in open communication with others.
I even tend, Lord, not to say hi to you at times. I just go through my motions in life and do not interact with whole-hearted enthusiasm as I should.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

TRIUMPH: The equation of Life itself.

TRIUMPH: The equation of Life itself.

The Balance of Life

Walking on the balance beam provides an unsteady approach at times. When I was a child once, I had difficulty doing that balancing act. Even when walking around at times, it feels like being on that balance beam=taking a second to regain my composure. But luckily, I regain it with the internal clock of equilibrium that we have within us.

Most systems in our lives have an equilibrium center such as the economic free market system. In the ideal world of theory where there are constants added and only maybe one variable, the equation is much easier to figure out. Yet when many variables are added, it can be very difficult to find the true center North.

Running races and marathons are measurable and under the constraints of a clock. Making fair winners and losers. Yet in this modern rat race, we all run according to different abilities and no standard judgment can be used for us. Yet, within our very bodies we are being pushed to the extremes where ultimately everything is in balance=whether in life or in death.

The natural life cycle is ongoing and will not fail to be completed-no matter how much we fail to everything right. God has a different measuring stick of which I am very grateful because he measures things according to the heart and not according to outward experiences.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

mirroring and reflecting.

Mirroring and reflecting life, this past couple of months has been spent reading Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird" and interacting with the citizens of Maycomb County, Alabama. Ordinary folk-those with struggles of identity and meaning.

Entering into the primary character, Scout's world, we see a mirror that indeed does have two faces. A child that looks upon her surroundings-walks around in them and sees at an early age how to identify with others and how to avoid them.

We also see her looking back as an adult. From her experiences, these confirm what she has indeed learned. How the present has shattered past memories-of how death has come to the mad dog and how death came to Tom Robinson. Death is a function of life that can nourish the memories of the soul. Bringing life to plants as the seeds die.

The story that our four towns of Stratford, Bridgeport, Shelton and Stamford have participated in is one of hope as we see Atticus's character formed. From his interaction with the sherriff, Hector Tate, Atticus understands that defending Tom Robinson will not be a win, yet it helps to build a foundation for society. In a way, his dream for society is fair treatment. yet the prejudices of the community based on hearsay evidence stirred hatred.

Yet from Scout's innocence, we see her pondering the meaning of Boo's small gifts. Imagine if Boo could have been in the middle of the community-at the town square or in the jury room. He could have changed society. Yet, the biggest change occurs in the quiet and from the perspectives of an innocent child and the power of words.

The book does provide for a lot of food for thought and insight on how to live our lives.

The equation of Life itself.

I read with sadness this morning that someone I knew tangentally had died. I did not know Dr. George Lang that much from Fairfield University except for the shared events with the Kennedy Center Cabaret and annual meetings.
I realized upon reflecting what life has to offer is an equation to be solved. It has constants and variables.
The f(life=birth to death) has many contritbutions to be made throughout.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I attended a prayer rally in the town of Fairfield on Thursday, May 3rd.